If you are a cat owner, I bet you have discovered that your cat loves hanging out on the kitchen counters. For some owners, it is okay for the felines to surf on the counter. But actually, this is a bad habit and can be dangerous for both the cat and the owner. 

Why am I using the word dangerous? Or how to take cats off counters? You must be thinking about these questions right now. Well, your feline can get hurt while playing on the counters. The good thing is there are many ways to stop the cats from jumping or playing on the counters. For example, using a cat repellent is a smart move. 

If you want to get the details on how to keep cats away from the kitchen counters, then feel free to dive into this article. 

Why is playing on the counters dangerous? 

Playing on the counters is dangerous. The kitchen is stuffed with sharp items like knives and other things. If your cat accidentally falls on them, it will be severely injured. 

Again, the cat tends to jump here and there in the kitchen. If the feline lands on a hot stove, imagine what can happen. Again, there is a high chance that the pet will ingest a chemical residue that is used for cleaning. It will make the cat sick. 

However, cats can walk on the litter box. If they walk on the chopping board with the dirty paws, the food will become unhygienic for you.

Why Do Cats Jump on The Kitchen Counters? 

how to take cats off counters

The kitchen counters work like a magnet to the cats. From time to time, they will jump and play on the counters. There can be several reasons why the counter is so favorite to the felines. Once you discover why it will be easier for you to keep the pets off the table. 

So, before getting into how to keep cats off counters, let learn the probable reasons why they do it:

1. We all know that cats are fond of heights. You must have noticed that when you take your feline outside, it always tries to climb a tree or anything that has a height. That is it. The counters of the kitchen are a perfect spot for your cats to jump off the ground. 

2. Most cats are afraid of water. But do you know these little buddies have a fascination towards the running water? Some felines take the running water as their main drinking source. So, whenever you are working on the counters, the cat will come to the sink and start playing with the running water. 

3. If your kitchen is stuffed with the cat’s favorite dishes, the pet will come to the counters countless times. Most cats stay on the counters because they smell good. You know the smell of the raw chicken, tuna fish, or the ground beef; all these tempt your little feline friend. And the cat can not resist itself. 

4. Sometimes, the cats jump or play over the counter due to boredom. The kitchen counter has different kinds of stuff, which can excite the cat. So, the pet will play with them and have a good time. This can be the reason why cats stay on the counters.

How to keep the cats off the counters:

how to take cats off counters

If your cat plays on the counter, do not worry. Here are some solutions that might help you: 

1. If there is food on the counter, your cat will be tempted and come again and again. So, removing the temptation can be a smart move. 

Remove any source of spare food from the countertop. You should not leave any small objects on the tables too. The felines might take them as toys and jump to the counters. So, keep the kitchen counters clean and completely empty. 

2. You can also train the cats not to continue this bad habit. Studies have proven that cats respond more to positive reinforcement than to punishment. 

So, try to make your pet understand that it is not good to play on the counters. You can offer the cat treats if it gets down from the table. Rewarding the cats is the best way to appreciate them. 

3. Many of you ask how to keep cats off the counters naturally using oils. Well, this is truly possible and effective. Cats hate the smell of the essential oils. So, placing a few drops of these oils can give you a good result. 

Here are some essential oils that you can use:

  • Citronella oil 
  • Lavender oil
  • Eucalyptus oil 
  • Citrus or lemon oil 

4. Usually, the cats can not jump to the counters from the ground. They need a medium to rest their feet for a second. They use a chair or any other thing to boost their jump. If you can eliminate the medium, the cats will be unable to reach the counters. 

5. Do you know cats hate sticky tape? So, if you apply the tapes on the counter, the felines will be discouraged to play on it. But applying, removing, and reapplying the sticky tapes can be a hassle for you. 

6. You can use motion detectors to keep cats off counters. Whenever this device senses the motion of a cat, it releases a spray. Though it is not harmful, it scares the cats. They will not come to the counters again. So, use this keep cat off counter device” for the best result. 

7. You can apply cat repellent sprays on the counters to keep the cats away. These sprays have a strong smell. Cats hate these repellents and stay away from the counters. 

8. Some ask me how to keep a cat off the counter with foil. Well, you do not have to do much. Just cover the counter with aluminum foils. The cats do not like the sound and feel of the foil underneath their little paws. So, they will stay off the counters. 

Letting the cats play and jump on the kitchen counter can be dangerous. This article on how to keep cats off the counters will help you limit their territory.


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