Have you heard the phrase “cat chirping”? This can sound odd, but yes, chirping is not only for birds. Surprisingly, a cat can chirp too, and this a wonderful way for the felines to communicate. But why do cats chirp? And what does cat chirping mean? 

The chirping sound can sometimes seem like chattering. Both of these are the same. Experts believe that cats chirp when they are interested in prey. Yes, cats are natural predators, so having the instinct of hunting is not uncommon, even for the domestic ones. 

However, there are many more reasons why cats chirp. If you are interested, then give this article a read. 

What is Cat Chirping?

Why Do Cats Chirp

The cats are wild species. For many years, they did not try to communicate with humans. But years after domestication, the felines realized communicating is not so bad. And that is how the cats started using vocal messages and gestures. The chirping of a cat is also a way of communication. 

There are many theories on the cat’s chirping. One theory suggests that the origin of this sound comes from kittenhood. Usually, the mother cat chirps at the kittens to let them know her position. Also, the kittens can find their mother by following the chirping sound. The kittens also chirp at their mother to seek attention. 

Another theory suggests that chirping originated from the hunting instincts of the cats. Whenever the cats are excited or want to go after prey, they make this chirping sound. 

You must be thinking about what this chirp sounds like. The chirps of a cat are also known as trills or chirrups. According to scientists, cats can create three types of sounds, murmuring, meowing, and aggressive. The chirping is more like murmuring. 

Some people assume that the cat’s chirping is the mimic version of the bird’s chirping. Is that so? There is no doubt that there is a similarity. This sounds the same when the birds gleefully trill away. 

But the felines do not mimic the birds. They can chirp at the squirrels and other small animals. Also, the reason behind the bird’s chirp and the cat’s chirp is totally different. 

Why Do Cats Chirp?

Why Do Cats Chirp

Like purring or meowing, you can not tell for sure why a cat is chirping. But yes, from the situation, you can guess the probable reasons. Generally, chirping is considered an expression of excitement. A cat chirps when it needs something, or it is seeking attention from others. 

Here are some probable reasons why a cat chirps:

1. You may often find your feline chirping sitting, or standing on the window porch. This is the most common scenario. This behavior is mostly seen in adult cats who do not have their own litter kittens. 

The feline will be at the windowsill and watch the world outside. Whenever it notices a bird, squirrel, or other small creatures that excites the cat’s hunting instinct, it will chirp. Also, if the cat watched anything that provoked its attention, the little fellow will start chirping. 

This chirping sound comes along with a tone of frustration. The cat wants to go outside, but there is a sheet of glass stopping it from enjoyment. So, this anger or frustration reflects in the chipping. 

However, if your cat wants to prey, it will get into hunting mode. But if the feline is just excited, it will make the chirping sound. One more tip, even if your pet cat wants to hunt, do not let it. Hunting birds is bad both for your domestic cat and in the wildlife. 

2. A cat can chirp at the owners too. Do not worry if the cat does that. Do not think the cat wants to attack you or something like that. A feline will never take anything big as its prey. 

So, why do they make this chirping sound at the owners? Well, the cat is drawing your attention, or it wants something from you. The feline may chirp while playing, eating, grooming, or any other time. If you observe the pet carefully, you will understand what it wants. 

3. Your pet cat can chirp at inanimate objects sometimes. Even though it is rare, it can happen. This means the cat is excited to play with that particular object and having a really good time. 

Cats are natural hunters, and some toys provoke their wild institution. So, the felines create the chirping noise to express their excitement. You may notice that when you play catch with the cat, it never gets frustrated. Reward the pet after a game to make it self confident and mentally happy

Why Do Cats Chirp At Birds?

You can often find your feline chirping at birds. Why do they do this? Well, there are many theories behind it. I will discuss the most accepted one. 

I have mentioned above that felines are natural predators. When they watch birds, their wild instinct comes out. They create a chirp like sound so that the birds think it is safe to land and get closer to the cats. 

And if the birds make this mistake, the cats will jump over like a wild hunter. However, this behavior is rare among domestic cats. They will just chirp and get excited, but will not kill the bird. 

Some other cat sounds meaning:

Why do cats trill?

Some people confuse trilling with chirping. But trilling is slightly different. A trill comes along with a chirp like noise which is more high pitched. 

A cat usually trills when it is greeting other people or trying to welcome other cat fellows. This cat sound gives a warm and positive vibe. 

Why do cats yowl?

Yowling is a cat to cat communication way. Generally, a cat yowls to another cat if he or she wants to mate. Again, if the cat does not want another feline to come to its private area, it will yowl. So, the yowling is the cat’s way to sort things out.

Why do cats chirp? It is a way of expressing excitement. If you find your cat chirping, try to understand what it wants.

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