You know dogs drool a lot and I mean the word ‘a a lot’. Compared to them, the drooling of cats somehow goes unnoticed. In most cases, you will find saliva only if you check the chins of the felines. At the beginning of my cat parenting, I often used to wonder,” Why do cats drool?” After reading a bunch of articles, and asking around the professionals, I got the exact reasons.

Even if you do not care much about the drooling of the kitties, sometimes it indicates their medical status. From anxiety to relaxation, drooling can be a sign of different things. How to know if the pet is healthy or not? Read on to this article to know the facts responsible for cat drooling.

Why Do Cats Drool?

As cats do not have the tendency to drip, the whole condition is quite unknown to the cat parents. Several possible reasons can be responsible for cat drooling. I have discussed the most common causes that lead a feline to drip:

Drooling Can Be Normal

Why do cats drool while purring or kneading? In most cases, when a feline drips, it generally means that the pet is content and relaxed. To get proof of this statement, you have to go to the original question. Do you know why kitties knead?

One of the most common reasons behind kneading is remembering childhood memories. A kitten kneads its mother’s tummy to simulate the flow of milk. So, felines may salivate and drool remembering this event while kneading. Purring often comes along with kneading and dripping.

However, this is not the only scene of normal dripping. A feline may also drool while making biscuits in your lap. This simply indicates that the pet really loves you and feels safe around you. These drooling events are totally normal and you have nothing to worry about.

Do cats drool when they sleep? Not always but yes they do. Drooling while sleeping is considered healthy and normal. Some experts believe drooling refers to the kitty having a sound and deep sleep.

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Too Much Drool? Get The Sign

Why Do Cats Drool

If your cat is dripping occasionally, then it is just fine and normal. But if the drooling becomes more frequent, then you should get concerned. Usually, the felines drop saliva when they are happy and see food. Other than that, the drooling indicates a medical condition.

Here are some more reasons why drooling happens in felines:

The Cat Just Wants To Taste The Delicious Food

Have you ever noticed a dog having food? It drips a lot even at the smell or sight of the food. Sometimes, the dogs start drooling when their owner is having meals. It is a natural reaction for these animals as they expect a treat.

Unlike the dogs, felines do not drip at the sight of food. But if they do occasionally, it is totally fine.

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The Feline Has Dental And Oral Floss

Many of you do not know but felines often suffer from dental problems. For example, plaque, tartar, gingivitis, gum diseases, tooth rot, resorptive lesion, etc. The cat parents can barely detect these diseases until the pets cry in extreme pain.

These infections and diseases cause irritation and inflammation inside the feline’s mouth. To soothe the condition and lessen the irritation, the felines salivate a lot. A mouth ulcer is a respiratory disease that also causes excessive dripping in cats.

Unlike dental diseases, oral cancer is not common among kitties. But unfortunately, some cats suffer from oral cancer that affects their mouth throat. Excessive and ongoing drooling often indicate this condition. Cat meowing loudly and drooling is one of the indications that something painful is going on inside the pet’s mouth.

If anything happens like this, take your cat to the vet immediately. He will examine the tooth and mouth and refer the feline to dental experts.

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The Kitty Is Going Through A Trauma

Why Do Cats Drool

Sometimes a previous incident is enough to make the felines salivate. For example, an accident, fight with another wild animal, or any severe injury can affect the cat’s mentality and put it in trauma. The experts claim that any unexpected and traumatic incident can cause the felines to salivate. But it is not permanent.

Anxiety is another reason that makes the felines drool. Cats do not like changes that much. So, when you take it to the vet or a new environment, the cat will drool.

The Cat Is Feeling Nauseate

It is common for cats to feel nauseous or vomit. Usually, internal parasites, gastrointestinal conditions, or kidney diseases are mostly responsible for a cat’s vomiting. You may notice your feline drooling right after they puke.

If your cat is feeling nauseous and drooling, take it to the vet immediately. He will do some tests and prescribe meds for the wellness of the pet.

The Pet Has Swallowed A Foreign Body

Cats are curious by nature. They will try to eat anything you put in front of them. It is no surprise that a feline has choked on a toy, a piece of glass, or anything small. As the pets can not shallow the piece, they paw at their mouth to vomit. Again, their mouth glands produce saliva naturally in this condition.

Cat Is Unaware Of Poisons

I have warned you before that cats will taste anything. Sometimes these pets ingest flea, thick, or anything else that is not made for them. As a result, the feline will try hard to get rid of the taste. The best way to do that is to drool a lot.

If your cat is drooling all of a sudden, and you suspect there is something in its mouth, go to the veteran. Trying to remove it may harm the feline.

Fear And Anxiety Make The Cat Drool

Cats get scared more often. Even a cucumber is enough to scare off the feline. If the cat gets upset or panicked, it will drool a lot. Sometimes motion sickness also causes dripping in cats.

Why do cats drool? Now you know it can be either normal or an indication of a medical condition. In any case, if you feel suspicious, feel free to consult the vet about the cat’s drooling.

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