You can not deny that cats are cute no matter if it is petted or a stray meow. At the same time, you can’t just let the stary cats destroy your garden or turn your lawn into a litter box, right? With the increasing number of feral and stray cats, this incident has become more common. So, what is the solution? Or how to get rid of stray cats in a humane way?

As a cat lover, I personally believe you should act softly even if there is a little damage. You can keep the stray cats out of your yard in many ways. For example, by removing any source of food and shelter, installing cat repellent devices, or sprays

Read on to this article to get all the tips on how to get rid of stray cats without acting cruelly.

What Is The Problem With Stray Cats?

What is the problem with stray cats

Personally, I do not have any issues with cats. But cuteness does mean it can not cause any problem with your social life. Trust me, I have faced stray cats in the worst way possible. Here are some highlights:

  • Cats have hunting skills and they often look for prey. It excites them and gives them a rush. Stray cats often kill the birds and other wildlife that are roaming around your house. The least you want is to wake up and notice an injured dead bird lying on your porch.
  • The stray cats can turn your garden and front yard into an open litter box.
  • Your garden sheds, unused boxes in the garage are the best place for stray cats to breed and start a family.
  • Living in the streets often makes cats aggressive. They will not think twice about attacking your lovely indoor pet. Also, there is always a chance of spreading diseases or fleas.

How To Get Rid Of Stray Cats

Stray and feral cats not only cause problems to you, but also to your neighbors. That is why it is important to keep them away from your yard. Here are some tips on how to get rid of stray cats permanently:

Food Sends The Invitation

Do you know in which area the stray cats live the most? The street cats will go anywhere they find food. If your trash can is overflowing, this will send an invitation to the stray cats. Here is what you should do:

  • Stop feeding your pets outdoors.
  • Make sure the trash can is covered tightly.
  • Mixing meat scraps to the compost pile may welcome the unwanted stray cats.
  • Clean your barbecue pits after the party. The smell of delicious meat can tempt stray cats.

Shelters Are Warm To Spend The Night

Who doesn’t want a secure place to crash the night? It is the same with stray cats too. They want a warm place to spend the cold nights.

Your unused woods, boxes in the garage, holes in the shed, or the under porch can be a perfect home for the cats. And if there is no interruption, the felines may breed and start a family there. To stop the unwanted visit of these little guests, cover up any holes in your shed or deck. Also, eliminate the potential places that could be used as a cat home.

Make The Cat Work A Bit Harder

Do you know cats are the laziest? All they want is rest and relaxation. An open garden is easier to access. The stray cats can destroy the flowers or pee all over your beautiful garden.

What if you put a fence or place some stones or pebbles on the pathway? It will be hard for the felines to enter the garden or dig the soil. And as a lazy one, they will not go for these troubles. Eventually, your lawn will be safe from stray cats.

Take Help From Nature

People often ask for tips on how to get rid of stray cats home remedy. Well, you can easily apply natural cat repellents for this purpose. Here are some effective ways to prepare DIY cat repellents:

  • Mix apple cider vinegar with water and use it as a repellent spray.
  • Experts claim that the mixture of white vinegar, water, and dish soap can be a cat repellent.
  • Cats do not like the smell of citrus. You can turn it to your advantage. Oranges and lemons are great sources of citrus. With the right proportion of orange peel, water, and lemon juice you can prepare an excellent cat repellent spray.
  • Dry pepper spray and garlic are also used as cat repellents. But be careful while spraying the pepper. Dry pepper can harm the stray cat’s skin or eyes. I personally do not recommend this repellent.
  • Mothball, coffee ground, and ground mustard can also be used as a cat repellent.

Take help from nature

Planting cat repellent herbs is also a great idea for keeping stray cats away from the properties. Here are some cat repellent plants:

  • Rue
  • Lavender
  • Coleus Canina
  • Pennyroyal
  • Lemon thyme

Hide The Source Of Temptation

Cats are curious by nature. They have a great interest in everything unknown. We often decorate our front yard with dream catchers or doorbells. This can easily attract those stray felines.

Again, if you have a female indoor cat, she may throw some gestures to the stray male cats. This can be another reason why stray cats are roaming around your home. Eliminate any source of temptation from your yard and keep your pet indoor.

Make It Smell Like Ammonia

Do you know cats hate the smell of pee? If you want stray cats out of your yard, make it smell like ammonia. Why? It is because ammonia is the closest scent that actually smells like pee.

Use A Bit Of Technology

Different brands have offered advanced cat repellents over time. For example, the sound motion sensor or water sprinkler. You can also apply commercial cat repellents for getting rid of stray cats.

Never use poison or any other harmful weapon to scare the stray felines off your property. If you can not handle the situation, call the rescue center and hand over them the cats.

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