Have you ever wished to take a peek into your pet cat’s mind? We have bonded with these little furry pets in such a strong way that we want to learn everything about them. For example, what is going on in their brain all day? Or what do cats think about us? 

Well, cats are social but complicated pets. Their behavior is not fully disclosed to humans. Scientists are still working to understand the feline’s body language and so on. With the little knowledge we have, you can sometimes assume what is going on with a cat. 

If you are curious too, then give this article a quick read. 

Do cats really think? 

Have you ever heard the term ‘thinking cat’? Well, you may or may not know but a cat has more cognitive skills than you can even imagine. Having cognitive skills means their brain is more active and a lot is going on. 

The scientists still haven’t decoded the thoughts of a feline. But the research is still going on. In the next sections, you will get to know about some of the most interesting things that are on a feline’s mind.

What Do Cats Think About? 

what do cats think about

If you observe a cat carefully, you will notice they are calm and quiet. It becomes hard to tell what is going on beyond those silent eyes. Depending on the research and claims of the experts, here the top 5 things that a cat thinks: 

1. Humans are big cats 

What do cats think of humans? Every cat owner is curious about this question. An expert on cat behavior answered the question. Felines do not take humans as another species. For them, humans are also cats, just bigger. 

Think about it. Cats do not treat humans differently. Rather, they rub the owner’s body, do the grooming, licking the owner’s face, etc. All these things a feline does to its fellow cat. 

2. Cats get the theme of object permanence

Do you know what object permanence is? Even though you may not know the term, you have learned it at an early age. Let me explain the concept to you. Imagine your mom has hidden your favorite toy in the wardrobe. Though you can not see the object, you know it is still there in the closet. This is called object permanence. 

Dogs do not get this concept at all. But unlike them, the felines do understand object permanence. If the cats find out their toy is under the sofa, or in the closet, they will seek it, or stare at the sofa ceaselessly.

3. Cats bond with the owner emotionally

Many people wonder if felines have the same emotion as us humans. The answer is yes, they do. The cats’ emotions are not deep like humans, but those are complicated and delicate. Basically, a kitty can feel love, affection, stress, anxiety, pain, sadness, panic, and so on. 

When someone asks, “What do cats think about their owners?” The answer will be with love and other emotions. The felines connect with us on an emotional level. Think about all the times you have found your cat watching you sleep or sleeping with you

When you pet the felines they respond to the affection. If they are in a happy mood, they will give you a lick or knead on your lap. All these behaviors prove that the cats think of the owner emotionally. 

4. The felines think they are in charge 

This can sound funny but yes, cats think they are the boss of the house. Even the felines think they are better than humans. If you have a cat, you can relate to this. 

The cats seek attention on demand. If it needs you, you have to give it all the attention right now and then. It will sit on the keyboard, rub your head until you give the pet what it wants. 

Also, the cats have a refusal behavior. If they do not want to do something, you can not force them. Try putting it in a carrier and you will see. All this bossy behavior indicates that these furballs think they are in charge of the household. 

Yes, it wants to rule your house, but it does not mean they take humans as stupid creatures. The felines respect people and sometimes they are scared of humans. 

5. Cats think about food 

Food is the basic need of any animal and cats are not any exception. These little creatures think about food and can understand the food gestures. In ancient times, these needed to hunt to collect food. But after they have been domesticated, they can find food sources more easily. 

A few years back, a team conducted a food experiment on cats. They attached foods at the end of a string and gave it to a feline. The cat pulled the string and found the piece of food. This behavior means that the felines can learn how things in this world interact with one another. 

However, the cats understand the gesture of providing food. When the owner points out the meal, the felines get it in an instant. This indicates that the cat gets our physical gestures and they can communicate with us.

What Do Cats Dream About?

what do cats think about

Have you ever thought about what a cat’s dream might look like? Or do they even dream or not? According to scientists, cats do dream when they are in a deep sleep. Most of the time, they dream about hunting. 

The felines can dream about other things too. For example, its owner, favorite toys, or any other thing that is around the pet. You notice the pet’s legs or tails are slightly moving when it is in a dream. 

Do cats understand words? This is another question people often ask. According to some scientists, the cats can pick 25 to 30 words. When it lives with an owner for a long time, it can understand the owner’s voice.

Final words 

So, what do cats think about us or the world? You have got the answer. Even though we do not know much about their thoughts, it is obvious that there is a world inside their heads too.


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