Does your pet cat meow a lot at night? Do you think it is weird? Well, in ancient times, cats used to hunt in the dark staying awake. This can be the reason why your feline spends sleepless nights. 

But what if your cat starts meowing each night? Do you have anything to worry about? or why do cats meow at night at all? Well, there can be many probable reasons why a feline does that. For example, the pet is bored and meowing or suffering from a severe disease. 

No matter what the reason is, as a responsible owner, you must know it. In this article, I will discuss the top 8 facts why a cat meows at night. So do not forget to read to the end.

Why Do Cats Meow At Night? 

why do cats meow at night

It is not like that all cats meow at night. Some of them sleep peacefully at night, while others can not sleep at all. Well, there are many reasons why a cat meows at night. Here are some of the most common reasons: 

1. The feline is wide awake 

Do you know cats are crepuscular? It means these little creatures stay most active from dusk to dawn. Why? 

Well, cats are born hunters. I have mentioned above that in ancient times, they used to prey at night. So, they had to stay awake at night. Because of this behavior, the kitties are considered nocturnal animals. 

Though the cats are domesticated, this behavior can be observed in many felines. They stay active all night especially early in the morning. The younger cats have an instinct that keeps them awake from dusk to dawn. They think this is the time to hunt. 

Most of the time, the felines get adapted to the owner’s routine. But if your cat is new, give it some time to get used to the environment. If the cat is awake during the night, it will meow. 

2. The cat is mating 

Have you heard your cats yowling at midnight? Why do cats yowl at night? 

If it is night and your cats are loud screaming and yowling, this may mean that they are mating. This is natural when the cats make love. Most of the time, the yowling means the female cat is having pleasure. 

In some cases, this can be the sound of pain as many of you know the penis of a tomcat is fish hook-shaped. At the time of withdrawal, the female cat may feel a little pain. 

I recommend neutering your cats at the age of 6. This will reduce the unwanted kittens, reproductive diseases, and your felines will live a long life

3. The pet is trapped

Meowing is a way of communication for the cats. If they feel scared, trapped, or insecure, they will start meowing. 

If you have an outdoor cat, you need to let it come in to spend the night inside the house. But sometimes, if you forget to do that, the feline will meow continuously. Also, outdoor cats go outside in the middle of the night. If they find the door close, they will meow at you. 

This is the reason I suggest installing a cat flap. This will let your pet come in and go out any time it wants.

4. The cat is bored 

Why do cats meow at night? Well, boredom can be one of the most probable answers. 

Some cats can not sleep at night because their day was not tiring enough. In that case, the felines will try different things to keep themselves busy. And when everything will fail, they will cry out of boredom. 

The cats meow when they need attention. They will call you out by meowing when they get nothing else to do. 

5. The feline is getting old 

Aging affects everything and everyone. It includes your favorite feline too. When cats start growing old, they suffer from various diseases. For example, CDS or Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. This medical condition directly affects the feline’s brain activity. Meowing frequently at night is one of the signs of this disorder. 

6. The pet is anxious 

Like us humans the cats can be stressed or anxious. Especially when they move to a new place or a new environment. The felines may spend a few sleepless nights due to this anxiety. This can be a reason why your cat is meowing at night. 

7. Your pet cat is sick 

Meowing is the way of communication for the cats. When they are in pain or suffering from illness, they will meow more often. They do it just to get the attention of the owner. 

According to medical terms, the felines meow frequently at night if it is suffering from overactive thyroid or kidney disease. 

8. The cat is hungry 

Why do cats meow at humans at midnight? Hunger can be the reason why. This happens if your cat misses any meal of the day. At night it will be hungry and cry for food by meowing.

Can you stop your cat meowing at night? 

why do cats meow at night

If your cat is meowing once and often, this might be okay. But what if the routine continues every day? This will not only ruin your night sleep but also your health. So, what can you do about it? Here are some of the tips that you can follow: 

  1. Take your kitty to a vet. The vet will do proper checkups and look for any signs of disease. Usually, a cat in pain or severe disease meows at night. 
  2. A cat can meow at night because of stress or anxiety. It happens due to changes. So, try to stick to the feeding schedule, napping time, or everything else. 
  3. If your cat sleeps all day long, it will be active during the night. Train the cat to sleep at night. 
  4. Feed your cat well before going to bed. A full tummy will help it have a good sleep. 

Final words 

Why do cats meow at night? This can either be a silly reason or a severe one. Always check on your pet cat and seek professional help if needed.


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