No matter if you are a cat parent or not, you must have heard the cat’s meowing. A cat meows to its owner, a stranger, or even to other cats. It sometimes makes us think, ”Why do cats meow?”

Well, there can be various reasons why a cat meows. Maybe it is saying hello to the owner, or the kitty is just hurt and wants your attention.

Some people misunderstand a cat’s meowing with its yowling. Are these two the same? If you are curious about a cat’s meowing and want to know the meaning, this article is for you. Here you will get to understand the possible translation of a cat’s meowing.

Most Common 10 Reasons for Cats Meow

As I have mentioned earlier, there can be many possible reasons why a cat is meowing. Let’s try to decipher the meaning of a cat’s talk.

Why do cats meow

1. The cat is greeting people

You will notice your cat meowing when you come home from outside. This is the way of a cat to say hello to you. Sometimes, if a cat likes a stranger or another cat-loving person, he will meow to greet them. Isn’t it great how your cat communicates with you and others?

2. The cat wants your attention

Some people think cats want to be left alone. It is absolutely wrong. A feline enjoys social contacts more than anything. He will meow to get your attention.

Experts claim that cats meow to encourage you to play with them. Also, if they want to be petted or just talk with you, they will meow. A study shows that those cats who have been alone for a long time meow more often to get attention. And these meows can be quite louder than the normal ones.

3. The cat is hurt

Why do cats meow when it falls in an accident? This is his way of telling you that he is in pain. The meow of a hurt cat is more like a cry and pretty heartbreaking. Also, the feline will meow excessively. If you notice anything like this, check for an injury or take the pet to the vet immediately.

4. The feline is ill

A cat obviously can not tell you if he is feeling physically ill. So, it meows at you. Generally, when a pet cat suffers from kidney disease, liver failure, problem urining, or other health issues, it starts meowing in a loud voice. You will also notice some changes in their behavior. In this case, you need to consult a vet.

5. The cat is hungry

What will you do when you are hungry? Ask for food. The cats do the same. It meows at the cat parent to give him some food. The cats can be pretty demanding when it is their mealtime.

No matter if you forget to fill the pet’s bowl, the cat will continuously remind you of his meowing. You will be surprised to know that some cats wake the owner up when it is his time for breakfast. If the parent is entering the kitchen, the kitty will follow him and beg for food.

6. The pet is stressed

Like humans, a pet can be stressed, sad, or anxious. He understands the loss of a loved one and what is going on around him. The feline will meow at you in a loud voice to let you know his concerns and mental condition. If your cat is stressing out, consult a vet to make him relaxed. Generally, a new environment or adjusting to something new can cause stress to a pet cat.

7. The cat wants to mate

What do meows mean in the heating season? It indicates the female cat is in heat and wants a partner to engage in mating. This is natural for all the cats. Your queen cat will also meow, begging to go outside in this period.

8. The pet wants a tour

Meowing the key communication of a cat. He let you know what he wants through meowing. If you see your cat meowing at the door, it means he wants to go out. Similarly, he will meow if he wants an entry in the house from outside. Generally, a cat does not like much changes. So, observe carefully to understand what he really wants.

9. The cat is ticked off

The cat has his own way of expressing anger. He will meow in a loud and aggressive voice. Sometimes the cat will scratch the floor along with meowing. The angry meows sound more like screaming.

10. The pet cat is getting older

Experts suggest that the older a cat gets, the louder he will meow at his parent owner. The elder cats suffer from mental confusion and cognitive dysfunctions. These conditions make the senior cats meow louder and more often.

Do cats meow to each other?

Meowing is really an interesting way of communication. The cats can get really loud to get the attention of people or other cats. But here is an exciting fact. An adult cat doesn’t meow at other cats. Even once they get really old, they will no longer meow at their fellow cats.

But the kitten or young cats communicate with each other by meowing. For example, a kitten meows its mother very often. If it is hungry or wants to let its position to the mother cat, it will meow with a soft and warm voice.

Why do cats meow at night?

Why do cats meow

Many people think cats meowing at night is not healthy. But this is totally normal. Your cat can meow at night for various reasons. For example,

  1. The cat is bored and wants to play.
  2. The outdoor cats meow if they are trapped or attacked.
  3. Some cats make meowing or alike sound while mating.
  4. The feline is sick and going through physical pain.

Why do cats meow? I hope you have got your answers. Meows can mean many things. The more you observe your cat’s behavior, the more you will get to know the real meaning of it.

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