Cats and dogs are both amazing pets. If want to get a pet, it is a tough decision to choose between a cat and a dog. But the question of which of these two furry pets is a better choice is as old as time itself. It is not easy to find an admirer of both cats and dogs equally. We tend to live in a dog-favorite world where cats are a minority. The number of dog lovers is much more than that of cat lovers. This has to do with the stereotyping of cats that they think of themselves as gods and they are cold creatures and who don’t care much about their pet parents.

But not it is backed by studies that cats love human companionship more than anything else. We have nothing against dogs but when it comes to choosing a favorite, we do think of cats as better pets. Even though we cannot conclusively answer the question- cats vs dogs which is better, we have our reasons to give cats an edge over dogs. We will look at some of the best and most widely accepted reasons why cats are better than dogs.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

1. Cats are Cheaper

Unless you are a millionaire, we know that you care about money. And one of the reasons why you should pick cats over dogs is because they are much more affordable. The adoption fees of kitties and cats are generally lower than that of dogs. Additionally, when we think of their lifestyle and their habits, we can easily detect why dogs are more expensive. Dogs tend to destroy their toys and they have to frequently replaced. On the other hand, cat toys are cheaper and tend to last much longer.

2. Cats are low maintenance

Dogs are not made for an indoor based lifestyle. They need plenty of walks and exercises to live a healthy life. Your dog needs a walk 2-3 times a day. By contrast, cats are safe when they are indoors. They don’t need to go outside. Your cat would be perfectly happy napping in your house playing around without causing any inconvenience for you.

3.Cats are quieter

If you have cats, then be sure that you won’t get any noise complaints from your neighbors. Cats are socially aware beings and if you need it to be quiet, it will be quiet. Cats generally don’t tend to meow as much as dogs tend to bark. Of course, there is the added fact that meows are not as loud as barks. If you are a dog owner, then you have to admit that the uncontrollable barking of your dog at times must be annoying for you, especially in uncomfortable social situations. 

4. Cats Take Little to No Space

If you have tried to lie with your dog in bed, you will know that it can be hard to fit them in your bed. They need their space. Dogs need a lot of space because of their size, their need for stretching, and play. On the other hand, cats can easily adjust in your bed. As long as you give them the essentials they need, they will be content and you can reside in peace with them easily.

5. Cats Keep Themselves Clean

This is our personal favorite reason for why cats are better than dogs. Cats have a natural tendency to groom and clean themselves. You will see them lick themselves constantly in order to maintain their hygiene and keep themselves clean. Although we wish we could, we can’t say the same thing for dogs. Dogs are attracted to all sorts of bad smells. They love to roll around in garbage, around dead animals, and poop. Because of this habit, they require constant bathing and grooming. This is both expensive and inconvenient for you. In comparison, cats do a great job of keeping themselves clean on their own.

6. Cats Keep Pests Away

Cats are still natural predators even they have been living in a domestic environment for years. Their basic instinct has retained with them and this is the reason they love to watch birds and insects closely. If you have any rodents in your home, you need not worry as your cat will take care of it for you. Moreover, the scent of your cat will keep rodents away anyway. So, if you have a nice and clean home, your cat does deserve some of the credit.

7. Cats Can Be Potty Trained Easily

While we are at the cats are better than dogs debate, we have to mention this great advantage cats can provide over dogs. If you get a new pet, there is no doubt that initially you will be sleep deprived as it will take time for your pet to get adjusted in its new surroundings. It doesn’t matter if they are cats or dogs. However, it will start to matter in the future. While dogs require constant and ongoing training, cats are great at picking up things. Once they are taken apart from their mothers and you undergo some training with them, you can leave them unsupervised.

8. Cats Make Better Hosts

This is a key reason why cats are better than dogs. If you are having people over, your dog would love to bark at them or jump onto them. This will make them feel uncomfortable and make their stay less pleasant. But a cat will behave the exact opposite way. Cats are socially aware and they tend to hide when there are newcomers. If they are assured that the newcomers are safe, it may show itself but it won’t unnecessarily jump into a stranger’s lap or meow at them.

9. Cats Have Health Benefits

Now let’s talk about scientific facts about why cats are better than dogs. Cats people tend to be more intelligent than dog people based on a study done in 2017which was published in the Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, Purring of cats does have therapeutic effects and is helpful for the human muscles and bones.

Those were our top reasons why cats are better than dogs. Dogs are great pets without a doubt but because of all the reasons mentioned, we think that cats are slightly better.


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