“The dream of a cat is filled with mice.” Trust me, I have heard this sarcastic quote more than once. I know cats can sleep 15 hours at a stretch. Their sleeping pattern may awe the noob’s mind, “Do cats have dreams?” or “What do cats dream about?”

Of course, there is no way to determine what exactly these little fellows are dreaming about. From their behavior and sleep observation, the scientists proposed some assumptions. Such as, the cat may dream about its owner, it is hunting, or it is playing with another feline.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? Read on to this article, and you will find a bunch more fascinating facts about cat’s dreams.

Do Cats Dream?

What Do Cats Dream About

Many of you might be wondering thinking that these little fellows dream too. This curiosity goes further when you question, “What do cats dream about?” But for now, to quench the beginner’s thirst, let’s discuss the validity of a cat’s dream.

You know we humans enter into the dreamland during the REM state. Our brain randomly sends electrical signals even when we are sleeping. This proves that our mind stays active and we are dreaming.

After thorough research, the scientists concluded that cats also enter the REM or rapid eye movement state. While testing further, the electric device successfully caught low voltage EEG or signals from the cat’s brain. It proves that felines can definitely dream.

However, the experts claim that the cats do different body movements and make noises while dreaming. Even a feline may snooze during deep sleep. These little furry balls can not describe their dreaming experiences. That is why we can not compare if their dreaming pattern is similar to humans or not.

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What Do Cats Dream About?

Imagine your little pet having a dream journal. Impossible? Yes, you are right. As the cats can not write down or express their dreams, we are unable to conclude exactly what they dream about. From the available resources, here are the points we have obtained:

Cat Dreams About Its Owner

You can not say for sure that your little kitty is sleeping about you or not. According to most experts, it is more likely for the cats to dream about their owners quite frequently. They also suggest that this little pet might be feeling your smell, thinking about your face, and the pleasing memories of you during the dream.

The Feline Is On An Adventure

Remember those weird dreams where you become the Hollywood action hero? You fight the world to taste the sweet victory. It is the same with the felines. The scientists think the cats not only dream about the peaceful world passing by. Rather they go on hunting and many more adventures in the dreamland.

How can I be so sure about it? Well, a team of researchers proposed that they have observed a cat hissing, moving its paws, arching its backs, and pouncing while dreaming. This behavior reflects the hunting characteristics of the cats. Thus the scientists are highly sure of this point.

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The Pet Is Having Its Dream Food

Let your cat sleep for hours and provide meals timely. It will have the happiest time of its life. You will be surprised to know that the felines often dream about their meal bowl. It may also think about its favorite dish while sleeping. I have noticed my pet cat licking its mouth while sleeping just the same way it does after having a delicious meal.

What Do Cats Dream About?

It Is Always Fun To Play With Fellow Felines

Cats organize the events they have experienced throughout the day while sleeping. And you know you dream what you think. There is nothing different with the felines.

A cat often plays with the fellow felines during sleep. Not only that, the pet might dream of its favorite toy, or play. In a sense, the experts propose that the dreaming pattern of cats is similar to humans. But as I have already said, there is no exact way to say that.

What Do Kittens Dream About?

The kittens dream more frequently than the mature cats. The scientists have observed both aged cats. After the experiment, they concluded that the rate of REM is less in adult cats. What do these babies dream?

The kittens do not have much to think about. As their world is limited, so are their dreams. They will dream about their mother, owner, siblings, favorite toys, and surroundings.

Do Cats Dream In Colors?

What Do Cats Dream About?

This is a critical question. You can ask a human if their dreams are colorful or not. But when it comes to the felines, our knowledge is limited.

There is already a debate going on about the visible colors for the felines. One group claims cats are only able to observe blue and gray colors. Another group suggests that kitties can experience orange and yellow too.

Why am I boring you with the visible colors of the felines? Because the cats can see colors, they also experience colorful dreams, just like humans. Yet, a team of researchers proposes that cats may dream in black and white.

Do Cats Have Nightmares?

Cats definitely experience nightmares. There are certain signs that indicate a cat is having a bad dream. For example, the peacefully sleeping cat will twitch out of control along with closed paws. At one moment, the pet might wake up from the nightmare.

Why do cats have bad dreams? Simple. You can not expect your pet to have a great time every day. It will experience annoying or irritating times. During the nightmare, the felines tend to relive the bad memories.

What do cats dream about? I hope you have got the answer. The felines are able to dream because they have long-term memory capabilities. A cat’s dream includes almost everything that goes on with its life. It is wise not to wake your dreaming cat, even if it is having a bad one. Sudden wake can scare the pet.

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