Stray or feral cats destroying the front garden or peeing in the yard is not uncommon. Some of you and your neighbors may be disgusted at this act. With the increasing number of stray and feral cats, this problem is getting more frequent.

You, of course, do not want an illegal entry of a cat in your yard. So, it’s better to look for solutions on how to keep cats out of the yard. Personally, I have faced this problem in my past. So, I will give you all the possible ways that will keep the cats out of your yard.

Are Cats Unpleasant?

Do not get me wrong. I am totally a cat person. But when the feral or stray cats come and cause troubles, that is unacceptable. Here are some of the issues a feral or stray cat can create:

How To Keep Cats Out Of Yard

        • The curiosity of the cats will destroy your garden. They will eat the leaves, uproot the plants, or start playing with them.
        • The stray cats will make the yard an open litter box for them.
        • Cats are the bosses of digging the soft soil of your garden.
        • If there are birds in your house, then the cats will return on purpose. Their hunting instinct is responsible for this behavior. It may harm your pretty little birdie.
        • A stray or feral cat carries flea, thick, or other diseases. If your indoor cat comes in direct contact with it, the pet may fall sick.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Yard

It is not hard to scare off stray or feral cats. But of course, you can not adopt any harmful or inhumane ways. You need to apply harmless techniques and observe the outcome. With a proper system, you can handle any cat situation. Here are some of the best ideas for keeping cats out of your yard.

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No Shelter! No Warmth!

What do the feral cats want more? A shelter, right? If your underdeck has a hole, or there are unused boxes in the garage, the street cats will make these places their home. They will fit in any small spaces that will provide them warmth. And I think you know the love cat nurture for boxes. If you do not take any action, the cats will start a family there.

Check around your yards and eliminate any possible shelters for stray cats. This may solve your issue.

Recheck The Food Sources

A stray cat barely gets the chance to eat its belly full. So, the feline often looks for food sources to satisfy its hunger. What can be more tempting than your open trash can or the unwashed barbecue grills? The smell of the meat will boost the hunger of the street felines. If they find a meal each night in your yard, they will consider it as their permanent food source.

You can solve your problem by covering the trash can with a tight lid. Also, make sure there are no leftovers out of the garbage basket.

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An Unpleasant Environment Will Work In Your Favor

How To Keep Cats Out Of Yard

Do you know why cats keep digging your garden soil? The felines are programmed to hide their waste. So, after using your garden as an open litter box, they try to hide the waste with soil. In this situation, the best you can do is to make the environment unpleasant for stray cats.

Simply put pebbles or small rocks around your garden. It will be harder for the felines to dig into it, right? And who doesn’t know cats are kind of a slob?

Try The Modern Solution

How to keep cats out of the yard with the help of technology? You will be glad that different brands have developed devices to do this task. Water sensors and ultrasonic sound alarms are two of the most popular choices to scare off stray cats from the yard.

You know cats and water do not fit that much. And spraying water on the cat’s face has been proven effective while teaching it a lesson. All you need to do is to install a motion sensor water sprinkler in the middle of your yard. The device will read the cat’s slow steady steps and spray water on its body.

You can also try the ultrasonic sound alarm. This device is a bit expensive and picks up the motion and warmth of the cat’s body. As soon as the street feline enters the yard, the alarm will go on. The low ultrasonic sound goes unheard by humans but not by cats. It will definitely keep the stray felines away from your yard.

Cat-Proof Your Yard And Garden

Fencing up around your yard or garden is highly effective in keeping stray cats away. You can use different types of barriers for this purpose. Cat proofing fences or rolling barriers will work fine in this case. Though the fences are expensive, installing them once will serve for many years.

Some people think electric fences are the best barrier. But personally, I find it inhumane. So, I recommend avoiding it. Rather go for outward metal, plastic, or commercial catproofing fences.

Cat Repellents Are The Best

How to keep stray cats out of your yard with cat repellents? Spraying cat repellents around your yard or planting repellent trees is the easiest solution. Felines hate the scent of citrus, garlic, lemon, and oranges. Mix any of these elements with vinegar and spray around your yard. The stray cats will never step onto your porch again.

Also, planting lavender, rue, Coleus Canina, and some other herbs spread an aroma in the air. Cats hate the scent and avoid it as much as they can. You can also spray ammonia in your yard. The garden will smell like a litter box and the stray cats will stay out of the area.

How To Get Rid Of Stray Cats Permanently

To get rid of stray cats permanently, you need to take action to decrease their numbers. The best way to do so is to trap stray or feral cats and spay or neuter them. Trap any cat that comes to your yard and hand over the feline to the animal rescue organizations. They will take care of the rest.

Now you know how to keep cats out of the yard. There are many more ways to scare the felines off. But these are the most humane ways possible. Remember, no matter what, do not harm the stary cats.

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