Raising multiple cats is a challenge itself. What happens if your felines do not get along? The house will turn into a warzone and get ready to say goodbye to your peace. While occasional disagreements are normal for felines, regular battles clearly indicate that your pets are not friends. And it is time for you to intervene.

With a little trick here and there, you can establish a bond among your furry pets. The pro tips on how to make cats get along will assist you in making this task a lot easier. This article is going to contain all those hacks to make your cats the best of friends.

How to Make Cats Get Along

 1. Learn the Reason Behind the Mismatch

There is not just one thing that can cause disagreements among your felines. Several issues are responsible for engaging them in a fight. For example,

  • Lack of socialization: The felines haven’t been with other pets in their life. So, mixing up and befriending is a bit stressful and difficult.
  • Afraid of losing social rank: Each cat wants to be its master’s favorite. Watching another feline becoming dearer to the owner makes it jealous and more competitive.
  • Bothered at sharing territory: Your feline hates it when some other cat tries invading its territory. For example, its favorite spot, pillow, toy, or even you. The kitties will do their best to scare each other off from their personal space.
  • Scent confusion: You know felines have strong smelling power. They link everything with the unique scent. In case a cat does not find the particular odor, it will react aggressively. A cat returned from the vet or hospital exhibit growling, hissing at other pets. It is because the hospital medicine scent messes with their smelling function for a short time.
  • Sickness: An ill feline becomes short-tempered. It will react to another cat and hiss at it over small issues.
  • Stress and anxiety: Mental problems in cats are real. A stressed feline is more likely to pick fights with other fellow cats. Travelling, change in schedule, new environment, strangers, etc are responsible for making your kitty anxious.
  • Alternative: Cats can get angry and aggressive over different things. For example, playing, toys, etc. To redirect the emotion, it may involve a fight with its fellow mate.

How to Make Cats Get Along

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2.  Solve the Issue

You have got all the probable reasons that can drive your cats mad at each other. Identify the issue and take steps to eliminate it. Each cause will require different approaches for solving. In this section, I will address each problem and give the probable tips on how to make cats get along in that condition.

Lack of socialization: This is very possible that your feline is living with another cat for the first time in its life. So, there should be trust issues and tons of curiosity. Here is how to make two cats friends:

  • Confine both the cats in separate rooms with enough food, water, and a source of entertainment.
  • Swap toys between the felines. Why? Well, each toy carries the unique scent of its owner cat. Both the kitties will be aware of the existence of each other by exchanging things. Also, they will get used to the scent.
  • Let both the cats see each other without any physical interaction. From the facial expression and reaction, you may assume how welcoming they are.
  • Next, swap their rooms. The felines will become more familiar with the scent of each other. Remember, kitties only trust their smelling instinct. And they differ their friends from enemies on the basis of the odor.
  • Finally, let the cats meet. Observe both the kitties and their behavior. If they hiss, growl, kick, or exhibit any aggression, separate them immediately. Even if they get along, do not lose them from your sight.
  • In case, your cats do not get along, repeat these steps from the beginning.

Afraid of losing social rank: Cats are very concerned about their social rank. They neither want to be the second on their master’s list nor the weak one in the house. To exhibit their dominance, the felines will be involved in small battles.

Give both the kitties the exact share of affection. Also, observe why the felines are fighting and resolve the issue.

Cats Get Along

Bothered at Sharing Territory:

Do not expect your cats to share their personal things like toys or litter boxes. Rather gift each cat with their own things. They should have separate resting spaces, litter boxes, and beds. In some cases, you might have to feed them in separate areas. If you are out of your home, make sure the felines are not in each other’s range.

Scent Confusion:

If the scent is the issue why your cats are fighting for a time being, then separate them for a few hours. Or rub a similar perfume on all your kitties. This will make all smell the same.


Experts suggest doing a checkup of your kitty regularly. It can be once a month or every other month. This will help you get warned before any emergency.

Well, a at being short-tempered or acting aggressively towards its fellow mates definitely indicates something is wrong. Vets believe sudden behavioral changes in felines is the sign of illness. So without making any delay, consult a vet as soon as possible.

Stress and Anxiety:

You can not control your kitty’s mental health. Ensuring the unchangeable routine, like feeding time, or bedtime will keep them stress-free. Also, you can help the cats get along by playing with them.


Cats redirecting their emotion is not uncommon. If you notice your cat doing this, then get to the root of the exact problem. Then eliminate the issue that is provoking your feline.

Do Male and Female Cats Get Along?

Gender does not play a significant role as long as your felines are neutered and introduced young. But yes, male cats tend to fight more than male-female ones. If you have your cats neutered, then it is better to raise a male and female cat.

Not all cats create issues while befriending each other. With proper ways, your most aggressive cat will act gently. However, if your cats do not get along after putting in all these efforts, seek advice from an expert.

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