How to keep stray cats out of your yard? Some cat lovers may take this question in the wrong way. There is no doubt that cats are adorable pets. But not everyone likes them roaming around the yard. Especially, when you have designed a beautiful garden. Well, felines can destroy small plants out of curiosity. 

However, if there are birds in the garden, they are not safe from the felines. It is because the cats are natural bird hunters. So, how will you keep the stray cats away from the yard or garden? Read this article to get all the effective tricks that will help you get rid of feral cats. 

What is the problem with stray cats? 

How to keep stray cats out of your yard

I know some of you may be wondering why people won’t stray cats out of the yard. Well, I have mentioned above that not everybody is a cat person. So, if someone does not want the feral cats in his yard, it is totally okay. 

There are some other reasons why people do not welcome stray cats in their yard: 

  • The stray cats may find your place warm and suitable for sleeping. And eventually, they will start living there and grow their family. 
  • Cats are natural hunters. They will chase the birds or other small animals in the garden. Sometimes, the felines end up killing the birds. 
  • I know how much effort it takes to cultivate flowers and plants in the garden. If you let the stray cats roam in your yard, they will destroy the plants. 
  • Your yard will become an open litter box. 
  • Aggressive stray cats may involve in a fight with the neighbor cats or dogs. 
  • The outdoor cats roam freely in nature. It makes them more exposed to diseases. So, if your pets come in direct contact with the infected or sick stray cats, it will fall ill too. That is why people want the

stray cats away from their property

These are the reasons why some people discourage stray cats from entering the yard.

How To Keep Stray Cats out of Your Yards 

How to keep stray cats out of your yard

There are many natural ways to get rid of cats. In this section, I will discuss all of those strategies. 

1. Remove the trash can 

If you do not want the stray cats to visit your yard, again and again, remove the trash can. See, the feral cats need to survive on their own. They roam around and search for food. The trash can become a free source of food for the stray cats. 

If the felines find food in your front yard, they will come back again and again for food. That is why I manage the trash can first. You can either remove it or cover the can with a tight lid. 

2. Chicken wire fence 

This will work for you if you have a garden. Usually, the stray cats use the garden to pee and free themselves up. Letting them use the place as a litter box will destroy the garden. 

So, lay a chicken wire fence around the garden. This will keep the flowers and other plants safe. Also, the felines will not get hurt if they try to cross the fence. 

3. Remove shelter 

The stray cats search for comfortable places to spend the nights. The broad hole in your garage, unused woodpiles in the yard, under decks, or the boxes can be a warm place for them to crash at night. 

If you do not discourage the cats, they will return every night. Even some cats may start breeding there. That is why remove any type of shelter from your yards.

4. Plant cat repellent plants 

Cats have a strong sense of smell. There are some particular scents that are not appreciated by any cats. The smell of some plants and herbs can keep the cats away from your yard. These plants are known as Scared cat plants. 

Here are some of the plants that will keep the stray cats away from your yard: 

  • Barberry
  • Rue
  • Curry herb
  • Holly
  • Hawthorn
  • Lemon balm
  • Blackthorn
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary

5. Try home remedies 

You can try some effective home remedies to keep cats away from your porch or yard. Some natural repellents are: 

  • Apple cider vinegar 
  • Citrus 
  • Black pepper 
  • Mothballs 

The smell of the apple cider vinegar or citrus is very strong. The odor can make the cat vomit and mess with its digestive system. However, if you ask me, “Can mothballs keep the cats away?” The answer is yes. 

The mothballs can be used as a cat repellent. These are toxic to the felines. So, they will try to avoid them. 

6. Install a cat repellent 

How to keep stray cats out of your yards using repellents? This can be a great solution and you can buy or make a cat repellent by yourself. I have already discussed cat repellent plants. The apple cider vinegar or the citrus also works as a cat repellent. Here are some other ideas for you: 

  • Install a motion-sensing water sprinkler in the yard. This device can sense the movement of cats and spray water on them. And who does not know that the cats hate water? 
  • You can also use commercial cat repellent sprays to get rid of them. Spray it on the yard. The felines hate the strong smell of these repellents and will stop coming to your home. 
  • You can install a motion-sensitive bell. This device can detect the cat’s movement and ring a sound. This sound can only be heard by the felines. They can not stand the noise and run away. 

How to get rid of stray cats permanently?

How to keep stray cats out of your yard

Well, there are numerous stray and feral cats living on the streets. Applying the tricks may help you to keep them away from your property but this is not a permanent solution. So, what can you do? I recommend calling animal rescue centers. 

Spaying or neutering the cats will be the best solution. This way their population will not increase anymore. 

Final words 

If stray cats visit your yards every night, then apply the tricks without doing any delay. In this article, I have highlighted the most effective tips on how to keep stray cats out of your yards. I hope you have found this helpful.


How to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard Permanently

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