Even if you are a cat person walking in the garden only to find cat poop in there is a displeasing sight, to say the least. Cats may come to your yard for a variety of reasons. They come for hunting birds, mating, or just out of curiosity. Cats have amazing abilities to climb and jumping things. So, keeping them out of your yard can be quite challenging. We understand your pain and frustration. Now that you want to keep those cats as far away from your property as possible without causing harm to them, we are here for you. We will share some great methods you can use to make sure that those cats won’t be able to use your garden as a giant litter box. Let’s look at some of the best methods on how to keep cats out of your yard.

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how to keep cats out of your yard

Before we look at some of the best cat repellents for the yard, it is important that we keep our yard clean. We not to make it unattractive to cats to the best of our abilities. This means that if you have any pets, then refrain from feeding them outside. The food smells nice to them which is bound to attract them. If you have had a barbeque, clean up well after you are done for the same reason. Cover the holes that might attract mice to your garden. Because mice in a garden will surely lead to cats in the garden. Take care of these simple things and keep the number of these unwanted intruders as low as possible.

5. Use fragrance 

As humans, we have around 5 million odor receptors in our olfactory system. By vast contrast, cats have 200 million odor receptors in their olfactory system. So, it is no surprise that their sense of smell is much stronger than us. So, we can use the things the perfume of which we can tolerate but will be annoying for cats. Keeping their powerful sense of smell in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best home remedies to keep cats away. Cats don’t like the aroma of citrus. So, use peels or oranges, lemons, lime, and grapefruit to keep them away. They also hate coffee grounds which smell terrible to them and you can spread them across your garden after making your coffee. You can also purchase coffee grounds from your local coffee house at a cheap price as it may not be useful to them. Remember that moth balls keep cats away as well. But we don’t recommend it as it can be toxic for cats and us as well.

4. Plant Coleus Canine

This plant has the opposite effect of catnip for cats. If you want to keep feral cats and other mammals from your yard, this magical plant is all you need. This plant emits a smell that will repel cats. But remember that when someone brushes up against this plant, it can give off a skunk-like smell and it can be painful for us too. So, keep it away from the areas in the garden where people tend to go a lot.

If you find this plant, then you don’t need anything else to keep them away. But, Coleus Canina is not native to North America and that is why it can be hard to find. So, if you can’t find Coleus Canina, you can use rue, lavender, and rosemary to keep them away.

3. Using Sound 

Just like they have a strong sense of smell, they have a great power of hearing. As a low-effort method to keep cats out of your yard, we can install ultrasonic sound devices in our yard. These devices are great at keeping unwanted animals like cats and mice away. These devices are usually motion-triggered and they will emit a high-frequency sound that is annoying to cats but inaudible to us. So, you can plug it in the area where cats like to hang out and when placing it, make sure that you set it in the direction where cats like to come from. It is a very effective method that we have found on how to keep cats out of your yard.

2. Use Water 

Another thing that cats absolutely cannot tolerate is water. Only squirting them with a little bit of water is annoying to them and this single action is likely to keep them away. You can have a spray bottle ready to do it to the visiting cat. If that seems like an inconvenience and you a budget, you can get a motion-sensor sprinkler to do the job for you. These devices are great at sensing where they are and they will spray right at these unwanted guests in your house. It will also be entertaining for you to see the cats run off your yard as you enjoy the view from your porch.

1. A Peace Offering

Even though we have discussed some great options on how to keep cats out of your yard, you can also keep them away by turning their attention to somewhere else. You can dedicate a particular area in the garden where you want them to be. The idea is to basically set up an outdoor litter box for them far from where you want them to be. You can build them a sandbox and plant catnip around that area to lure the cats in that area. If cats have such a great place, they are much more likely to hang out there than pooping in your beautiful yard. Obviously, they will use the sandbox as their litter box and you will have to clean up after them. Also, it is reassuring to know that they are taking their business away from your veggies.

That has been how you can keep those unwanted felines way. If the number of stray cats in your area is high, then it is recommended that you call animal control. They will spay and neuter them and take care of the cat overpopulation problem. Hopefully, you will be able to use these techniques easily and keep those cats from visiting your yard for a long time.


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