Cats are our best pets and companions. Sometimes we cannot help sharing our foods with them. Cats need high-protein in their daily diet to stay healthy. The human foods that cats can eat are — eggs, red meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. We can also share with them some of our vegetables and fruits — bananas, apples, steamed carrots, pumpkins, peas, blueberries, etc.

Oatmeal, grounded corn is also good for our kittens. A small amount of bread mixed with red meat is also good for cats. But be sure not to give them stale, rotten, and raw foods. These can make their stomach upset and be a cause of stomach-ache.


We have some misconceptions about cat’s dieting. We naturally think that cats are born killers, and eat raw foods, like milk, cheese, and various things. But no! These things are not proper foods for a cat. These things can cause gastrointestinal diseases in cats and various other problems.

Most of us cat lovers think of cats as not simply pets, but as our family members. So, we think of how to better take care of them. For this reason, we feed them various human foods that are not perfect for their health. And they can even be harmful to them. 

There is a reason the researchers discourage us from feeding human foods to cats. While some foods are tasty, and delicious for us humans, they can be really harmful to our pet cats. But what happens when we run out of cat food? They are also very expensive. We cannot always prepare them if our budget remains low. So, what to do in this situation? 

Hey fellows, do not worry as I am here to give you a short and precise solution for this problem of yours. 

Go through the whole article, and you will be a cat food expert just like me in minutes yay! You will gain extensive knowledge about human foods that are feline-friendly. Then you can make homemade foods for your kitten from exactly what you eat. 

Here, we will be referring to some research projects about cat foods of Dr. Jeff Werber, who won an Emmy-award. We will also be taking some opinions of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s medical director, Dr. Tina Wismer. So guys, let’s stop this blah blah and dig straight into the burning question — what human foods can cats eat? We will go through a thorough and easy explanation that will help you in becoming an expert in no time.

A thorough analysis of what human foods can cats eat:

Human Foods Cats Can Eat


According to Werber, chicken is a good source of protein for cats. But, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned, skinned, and cooked in high heat. Chicken is always found in almost all the cat foods that commercial online markets such as Amazon sell.

Purina FriskiesChicken Cat Food and Purina Fancy Cat Food are two of the best-seller products of Amazon. They contain chicken meat. 

The famous researcher Werber says that cats are carnivorous animals that feed on meat. To maintain good health cats need plenty of proteins. It can help them maintain their good vision, their reproductive system, and healthy blood circulation. He further says that cats cannot digest all fibrous foods that dogs can easily digest. But cats can easily digest meat like beef, chicken, turkey, etc. Thus, your feline friend can easily eat what you eat without any problems. 


According to Dr. Wismer, fish contains a lot of proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids that are very beneficial for cat’s eyes. They also help cats to recover from their heart problems and kidney diseases. She says cats are very fond of Tuna but it contains fewer proteins than other meats or fishes. 

So, give your cats less Tuna though they like it very much. Mix it with different other fishes that will solve your cats’ lack of proteins. The kittens will also enjoy eating them. So guys, when you eat fish curry, don’t forget to share it with your lovely kittens.

Remember, the fishes need to be cooked, do not serve it raw. Otherwise, your cats will face stomach problems.


Dr. Wismer tells us that eggs contain lots of vitamin B. They also contain a balanced type of protein. Cooked, or boiled eggs are recommended for cats. It reduces the danger of unwanted diseases. 

So, those who ask — “can cats eat eggs?” must have already got their answer. Yes, cats can also eat eggs. But boiled eggs, remember.

Vegetables and Fruits:

Many people ask this question — can cats eat vegetables? Or, can cats eat fruits? Well, to answer your question, I will say yes.

Not only you can enjoy eating vegetables and fruits. Your cats can also eat them without any problem. Some human edible vegetables and fruits that are also edible and helpful for cats are — bananas, apples, steamed carrots, pumpkins, peas, blueberries, etc.

Dr. Wismer says that bananas are a potential source of potassium and soluble fiber. And it is absolutely safe for your cat. She adds that it should not be included in cats’ daily diet more than ten percent, even if it is safe for them. She also mentions that blueberries are good food for cats. Because it contains lots of vitamins A and C. To maintain your cat’s health, she recommends mixing blueberries with human food. It will help your cat to gain weight and become fluffy.

  • Here, Dr. Werber adds that apples are a good cat-friendly human food that cats can eat. They are full of fiber and vitamin C. You have to first peel it and then feed it to your cat. Try to avoid adding any seasonings to your cats’ food. 
  • I love fried peas. They are crunchy and delicious. But eating it alone is less enjoyable. Oh, how did I forget my kitten! I can share some with her! 

From my tone, if you are wondering– can cats also eat peas? Then you are absolutely right. Yes, cats can also eat peas. And even a raw one at that. Peas contain high fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C. Amazon sells many cat foods that contain peas. One of them is – 

Nutrients Balanced Pea Cat Food

Is your cat suffering from abnormal stool? And are you worried about what to do for your beloved cat? Then, don’t you worry? I am here to give you a perfect and tested solution. Feed your cat pumpkin. Pumpkin? Are you mad! Can cats even eat pumpkin? Hmm, I also had this reaction when I first learned this. Yes, your cat can eat the pumpkin, and it’s a safe cat-friendly human food. Pumpkins are low in calories, but high in fiber. It helps cats in their abnormal stool’s cure

What human foods can cats not eat?

Human Foods Cats Can Eat

A delicious and saliva sprinkling human food can sometimes be poisonous to your cat. So, you have to study which foods are not meant for your cat. As we know, cats are naturally curious animals. They try to play with and eat whatever they think is interesting. So, you have to keep the foods that are not meant for your cat out of his reach in a safe place. 

Some of these foods that are dangerous, poisonous, or harmful to your cats in one way or another are — onions, garlic, chocolate, milk, alcohol, grapes, bread dough, Xylitol, raisins, raw eggs, raw meat, or fish, dog foods, etcetera.


So, guys, you want to eat fruit but cannot share it with your pet? Don’t worry. That will not happen ever again as you and your pet cat can have the same diet with those foods that I have mentioned above.

But, I noticed that my cat does not like apples, and he hates it. Later, I noticed that if I peel the apple, only then he eats it. I learned a new thing by trial and error you see?

Similarly, your cat might also not like some cat-friendly human foods that are good for him. Then you have to test using various methods, and slowly train your cat in taking those foods. As Dr. Werber says, new human foods can sometimes make your cat’s stomach upset. You have to give your kitten the time to adjust to the new dieting system. When you start feeding your cat human food, don’t just stop giving him cat food. Because your cat should get proper nutrition to stay healthy when you’re not sure what human foods can suit him. You should gradually lessen the number of cat foods.  It is normal for your cat to gain weight by eating human foods. In this case, try lessening his food intake. 

Now then, it’s time to wrap up our conversation. Hopefully, you guys understood what you should do when feeding your cat human foods. And also got the idea of what human foods are good and what human foods are bad for your kitten. If you have any further questions about your beloved cat, then don’t worry, just leave a comment below. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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