As a cat parent, I know how hard it can get to look after a cat. Because cats get are sensitive, and they get attacked by germs or parasites pretty often. One such issue is ear mites. So, How do cats get ear mites?

Ear mites are pretty common in eats. Cats can get ear mites from other animals and the environment too. Ear mites are spread through direct contact with other affected dogs and cats. Stray or outdoor cats have a higher possibility of getting ear mites. 

Scary, right? But don’t worry. Because I will discuss everything about ear mites and the solution in this article. So, stay tuned. 

First, let’s know about ear mites. 

Ear mites are tiny parasites invisible to human eyes. Cats are mostly affected by otodectes cynotis mites that live inside the ear canal. A single ear mite can live up to three weeks. Ear mites mate pretty quick. So, their population grows rapidly. They rely on the ear wax and dirt to live. Ear mites frequently bite the ear canal. As a result, it causes itching and bleeding inside the ear. If not treated on time, ear mites can cause harmful infections inside the cat ear.  

Now let’s find out the symptoms of ear mites in cats.

How to Check for Ear Mites in Cats? 

How Do Cats Get Ear MitesCats are smart, and they show frequent symptoms if they are affected. You just need to be cautious enough to recognize the signs. These are the symptoms of ear mites in cats. 

  • An ear mite affected cat is always irritated with its ears. They might scratch their ears pretty often. 
  • An affected cat shakes it’s hed frequently. As a result, there might be hair loss in the upper part of its body.
  • There might be wounds around your cat’s ears.
  • An affected cat will have increasing ear wax. As a result, your cat’s ear might look dirty.
  • An increase in dark brown or red derbies inside the cat’s ear is a sign too.
  • If the condition is severe, there will be visible infection inside a cat’s ear. 
  • Ear mites are dangerously contiguous. So, if you have other pets like dogs or rabbits, they might catch ear mites also. As a result, they will show symptoms too.

These are some of the symptoms of ear mites. Ear mites are not visible to human ears. But a vet looks at cats ears with an otoscope or with a microscope. So, they will recognize it quickly. So, if you see the above symptoms, please consult with a vet ASAP. 

We have learned about ear mites, and it’s symptoms in cats. Now, let’s look for some of the best treatments for ear mites in cats.

Best Ear Mite Treatment For Cats 

How Do Cats Get Ear Mites

The right way to treat ear mites for cats is to consult with an expert vet. An expert vet will be able to clean the ear mites properly and suggest medicines. 

But if you don’t have access to an expert vet, you can try the below suggestions. 

1. Cleaning The Ear

According to Cornell University research, the best way to treat cat ear mites is to clean the ear entirely with cleaning agents. 

Various cleaning agents available in the market. Among them, ivermectin is most effective. Use 2-3 drops of ivermectin while cleaning several times a day for a month. It will work like magic.

There are some other cleaning agents in the market too. But make sure they are reliable. Because many cleaning agents can pose harm to your cat’s nerves.

2. Medicines 

The second-best way to treat cat ear mites is to use medicines.

There are many oral and topical medicines for cat ear mites. Most of them work fine. Bet first consult with a vet. Some suggested medicines are zymox-otic-pet and pet post. Both of them work as medicine and cleaning agent. They work against fungal infections too. So, they would be the right choice.

However, Don’t use any random medicine without proper consultation with a vet. Otherwise, it may pose harm to your cat. 

3. Clean All Your Pets  

This might seem foolish. But this works fine. 

As ear mites are tiny parasites. So there might be eggs of ear mites anywhere. The tail can be affected by them too. So clean your cat and other pets with anti-parasite agents. If they are completely clean, there is a low probability of getting infected again. Also, try to keep your home and yard environment clean. 

Another effective way is to not let your pet play with stray animals. Stray animals are most affected by ear mites. So, if you stop them from plying with strays, they won’t be affected. 

These are some of the proven techniques to treat your cat’s ear mites. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to the above-mentioned techniques. Because I will mention some home remedies to ear mites too.

Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Cats

How Do Cats Get Ear Mites

If you have a single cat or if your cat is not in a severe stage, home remedies will work fine. Here are some highly effectual home remedies for ear mites. 

  • Mix an equal quantity of apple vinegar and water. Spray the mixer into your cat’s ear for ten days. Your cat will be free of ear mites. 
  • Massage organic honey into your cat’s ear for 30 minutes daily. Ear mites can not tolerate organic honey. So, your cat will be free from ear mites. 
  • Massage vaseline into your cat’s ear. This will not only erase the mites but also keep your cat’s ear clean. 
  • Aloe vera is the most effective ear mite treatment. Massage aloe vera and get rid of ear mites. It will not only eliminate them but also forbid them from attacking again. 

This is how cats get ear mites. By applying all of these formulas, you can quickly get rid of ear mites in cats. Remember, a cat is a big responsibility. Because your care determines the well being of your cat. So, always be careful with your pets and treat them well. 


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