I have been a cat parent for years. For me, one of the toughest tasks is to give meds to the feline. I always hope that I do not have to do this task more often. But sometimes, giving pills becomes mandatory. 

Well, cats get stubborn when it comes to medicine and pills. Some kitties are real spitters and some refuse to take the medicine at all. So, how to give cats pills with the least trouble? I know you are wondering too.

You can give the feline pills by wrapping it with a towel or hiding the pill in foods. To be honest, there are several smart ways to do it. In this article, you will get to know all the tricks to give meds to your cat.

How To Give Cats Pills:

I have already mentioned there are several ways to give cat pills or medicine. But before applying those tricks, you must try the straightway. Here is a step by step guide for you: 

1. First of all, you need to read the doctor’s prescription carefully. Note how much and how often to give the meds to the felines. Also, read the instructions given on the label of the pills. 

Ask the vet what is the ideal way to give pills to the feline. Many people crush the pills and mix it with the food. This way the cat can not resist. But crushing some pills can destroy its credibility. So it will not be effective for the cat. That is why consult with the vet before giving it to the cat. 

However, some pills work the best when the cat is having an empty stomach. On the other hand, you need to give the felines some pills right after the meal. Be careful about these points. Ignoring these can mess with the effectiveness of the medicine. 

2. People often ask me how to give cats pills using a wrapper. Well, experts suggest wrapping the feline with a towel or sheet so that it can not kick or resist. Choose a large towel that can cover the entire body of the pet. It will be best if you can manage a helping hand. An extra set of hands will be of great use. 

Now spread the towel or sheet on the countertop or on a table. The height of the countertop or the table should be compatible. It will make work easier for you. 

3. After setting the towel on the table, it is time to place the feline on it. Do not wrap the pet right away. Instead, give it some time to relax and sit on the sheet. You can stroke the feline to make it more comfortable. 

Ask the helping hand to grasp the cat’s shoulder. Make sure the head of the kitty is pointing towards you. Now wrap your pet with the towel in such a way that the paws rest against its body. The head will be outside the wrap. Many people describe it as a burrito wrap and this is totally safe. 

Why am I suggesting wrapping the feline? Well, people often ask me how to give a difficult cat a pill. Difficult cats have a habit of scratching while eating medicine. Wrapping it with a towel will calm down the pet and it will be unable to resist. 

4. Place the wrapped cat on the table. Ask your helper to hold the cat steadily. But what to do if you do not have a helper? In that case, kneel on the floor and place the towel wrapped cat between your thighs. Its head will be pointing towards your knees. Keep both your hands-free as you have to administer the pills. 

5. This is a challenging step. You need to open the kitty’s mouth. Some cats are so stubborn that they do not want to open their mouths. Here is a trick that might help you complete this task: 

  • Hold the cat’s head with your left hand (If you are right-handed). Use your dominant hand to force the feline to take the meds. 
  • Create an upside-down U shape by positioning the forefinger and thumb of your left hand on the cat’s forehead. This way your fingers can manipulate the cheekbones of the cat. Placing your forefinger and thumb on the upper lip will also work.

How To Give Cats Pills

When you will notice the jaw of the cat is opening, press your thumb and forefinger into the feline’s mouth. Place them between the lips and teeth. This way the cat will open its mouth to avoid biting itself. 

6. Now take the prescribed pill. Use your forefinger and thumb to keep the cat’s mouth wide open. But make sure the feline is not getting hurt. Place the pill at the back of the tongue. This way even if the feline tries to spit the medl, there will be a contraction, and it has to swallow the pill. You can also use a pill giver if you are too nervous to do the job. 

7. After ensuring that the cat has swallowed the pills, release it and let the pet relax. If you find out that the pill is still inside the cat’s mouth, give a gentle blow across its nostril. This will trigger the intake.

How To Give a Difficult Cat liquid Medicine 

Giving liquid medicine is way easier than giving pills to cats. You just need a nozzle to do the work. 

Make your cat open its mouth. Give liquid medicine using the syringe. Do not flood the feline’s mouth with liquid medicine. In case your cat does not swallow themed, there is a risk of choking. 

Other techniques of giving pills 

How To Give Cats Pills

  • Hide the pills in food: Many people ask me how to give cats pills in food. Well, tablets are tiny and the cat probably will not notice it if you hide it inside the food. Just make sure the pet is hungry enough to eat every bite. 
  • Pill poppers for cats: This is actually a device that replaces your fingers. But using this machine is dangerous if you are not a pro. 

I have discussed the easiest techniques on how to give cats pills. At first, the task may seem difficult but with the time you will master it. 


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