The first time, I heard my cat hissing was a bit of a scary experience. It was my first cat, and I didn’t have much knowledge about the cat’s behavior. So, when the cat started hissing like a snake, I was sure, something was off.

I asked my experienced friends and some experts, “Why do cats hiss?” In the end, I summed up the answers and got amazed at the fascinating behavior of the felines. The experts claim the kitties can hiss due to pain, irritation, stress, and so on. Sometimes, this low heavy sound may indicate the attacking mode of the pet.

In this article, I will share the origination of a cat’s hiss along with the answer of “Why do cats hiss?”

How Do Cats Hiss?

It is not silly to think about how cats make the hissing sound or from where they have learned it. The felines create this hissing noise using their mouth. The burst of air helps the kitties make this sound while passing through from the vocal cord to the tongue.

Don’t you find the sound familiar? Yes, it is similar to the hissing sound of the snakes. Experts believe that felines have developed this behavior by imitating the snake. This is a simple survival trick most wild animals follow.

You know cats are afraid of snakes. Their distinctive noise is enough to scare the strong animals, even the humans. The felines have watched and borrowed the vocal repertoire of the snakes. There is no particular reason why a cat hisses. But scientists claim hissing can be a mixed reaction of the kitties.

Why Do Cats Hiss

If you observe the hissing situations, you will get one common thing. In each case, the cat is scared or stressed, yet the furry ball is ready to fight or carry on.

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Why Do Cats Hiss?

You can not surely know what is going inside a kitty’s head. Observing the cat’s behavior for a long time will offer you a closer insight into the feline’s psychology. That is what the scientists did. In the end, they successfully got an overall idea of why cats hiss. Here are the 6 reasons:

The Feline Is Undergoing Pain

An injured cat often hiss at the owner or the veteran while being handled. It is because the touch is hurting the small feline. Sometimes the cats start hissing even before you pick them up. This is due to the fear of getting pain in particular areas.

I have seen cats hissing at the veteran. It simply means the pet is not liking the poking snd prodding. Experts claim that felines with arthritis hiss when jumping off the chair or doing regular movements. The sudden flare-up of the pain causes this type of hiss.

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Hissing Is A Warning To The Opponent

Cats have a natural hunting instinct but they are not a big fan of fighting. A feline tries its level best to avoid any confrontation. So, they rather give warning shots to the opponent.

The warning hissings indicate that the cat is a bit scared and does not want to get involved in a mess. It will hiss at the humans or other animals to tell them to back off. This shows that the cat will attack the opponent if it doesn’t leave.

The hissing is more frequently observed among the un-neutered cats. They search for potential males for mating. While hissing the cats often use their sharp teeth and paws to scare off the other party. If a cat is hissing more often, chances are it will get into a fight.

Do Not Be Afraid. It Is Just A Play

Little kittens love to play together. Sometimes, if the littermates get rough while fun, the kitten will hiss. These hisses are not like the defense or warning ones. Rather, the kittens make short hisses to tell the siblings that they are playing rough.

Strangers Are Always Suspicious

Why do cats hiss at people? It is a common scene if a stranger approaches the felines.

From the new product to the new face, cats are suspicious about everything. The felines take time to bond with anything unfamiliar. These pets have a fear of getting hurt or being attacked by predators. This insecurity and anxiety often lead to hissing.

The Kitty Is Stressed Out

A new environment or another new pet in the family may cause the felines stress and anxiety. And cats are anything but not so good at coping with mental stress. Their unstable mind may lead to hissing. If a stressed-out cat hisses a lot, it may end up involved in a fight.

The Surrounding Is Annoying To The Felines

Cats have their own moods. They do everything of their own will. If you force anything on your pet, the result will not be good. It can cause annoyance or irritation to the pet. As a result, the feline will hiss.

This mostly occurs when you try to pet your cat but it does not want to be petted. Or, you are trying to pick the pet while the cat wants something else.

Why Do Cats Hiss At Each Other?

I guess you can answer this question now. Yes, the cats hiss at each other out of aggression and competition. Sometimes, the hiss comes out along with growing, spitting, and swatting. This is a sign that your pet felines will fight soon.

Why Do Cats Hiss At Kittens?

Cats are very concerned about their territory. If a new cat or even a kitten enters into their area, they will start hissing. This is a mechanism of telling the newbies to back off and leave the area. Sometimes, the mother hisses at people or other animals if they come closer to the kitten.

Why do cats hiss? You know the reasons that prompt the hissing of a cat. If you have noticed a hissing cat, do not try to pet it. It is better to leave the feline alone for some time. However, irritating the cat more may provoke it to attack.

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