Cats making biscuits? Are you a little surprised? Well, these furry balls are no baker. But their kneading behavior is often referred to as biscuit making. A cat has many quirks. From the unconditional love for the boxes to sleeping over your head, a feline is full of weird behavior.

“Why do cats make biscuits?” Is this just a quirky cat thing or does the feline actually mean something? Well, to get the answer, you need to relate to the psychology of the kitties. In this article, I will share all the reasons why a cat kneads or makes biscuits.

What Does Cat Kneading Mean?

“Why do cats make biscuits?” Before responding to this question, let me describe what kneading is. And why is it referred to as biscuit making?

Have you seen a cat scrunching up its paws alternatively? Yes, that is it. Kneading is basically a pushing motion of the felines. The pets knead on a soft surface, usually a pillow, blanket, or your lap.

The kneading resembles the motion of the baker when he prepares the dough. That is why kneading is linked to biscuit making. Not all cats knead while some felines do it frequently. Again, the related action may differ from cat to cat, but the paw movement stays the same.

cats knead

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Why Do Cats Make Biscuits?

You can not say for sure why cats make biscuits. But from the observation and experiments, the scientists have concluded some reasons for it. Most experts have agreed upon the proposals. Here is why cats knead:

The Cat Is Missing Its Mom

Don’t you sometimes feel nostalgic thinking about your childhood? So, what’s wrong if your cat does it? The kneading of a cat mostly indicates that the pet is remembering its kittenhood.

Kneading is an instinctive trait of each kitten. The babies do small paw movements on their mother’s tummy and it simulates milk. An adult cat kneading a soft surface of course won’t yield milk. Yet the feline kneads missing the warmth, safety, and nourishing its mama.

A kitten most of the time kneads in search of milk. You will find the baby pushing a soft surface with its little paws hoping that milk will dribble from it. It often happens if you separate the kitten from the mother. Otherwise, the babies will knead on their mother’s belly.

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The Feline Loves You

How do you express your love for someone? By saying them or showing them you care? Well, kneading is the cat way of exhibiting love and affection.

Why do cats knead on their owners? Because for each cat, the master is everything. By kneading, the feline says that he is happy and feels safe with you. This is the pet’s way to say thank you. They do not knead on any strangers.

A cat can knead on your tummy or lap. While kneading, they expect you will take the love. So, try petting them or stroking their furs.

A Little Yoga Is Necessary

cats knead

Cats are the master of exercise. You will find your cat stretching its back every now and then. A kneading often accompanies the stretch of a cat. After a nap or good night’s sleep, the feline will knead on a surface and stretch out its back and hind legs. The paw movement may differ from the traditional kneading.

Preparing A Place To Crash

Do you know the ancestors of the cats were hunters? These harmless pets used to live in the wild and prey every night for survival. While out hunting, the cats had to take a rest for some time. As the wild is full of predators, they had to choose a secure place to spend the night. For that purpose, the felines used to make nests for the night by kneading the tall grass or pile of leaves.

Kneading the ground not only makes it soft as a bed but also eliminates any pests present. The cats used to adopt the same technique while building an instant bed for their young. The experts believe that the kneading behavior of a cat has been passed down from the ancestor. It has been ingrained in their DNA to knead before going to bed.

Stay Out Of The Zone

Felines seem harmless and cute. But they will snap in a second if someone messes with their territory. You know cats are concerned about their territory and mark everything they like. The street cats urinate to mark their territory and let other fellows know of it.

The kitties have several unique ways of marking territory. They have small glands under their little paws. When they knead, those glands get activated from all the pushings. The pheromone releases from the gland and leaves a scent only detected by felines. These little pets recognize their things by this special smell.

The Feline Is Happy And Comfortable

Why do cats purr and knead? In most cases, purring indicates the contentment of a feline. So, when a cat purrs and kneads, this means the pet is pleased, comfortable, and happy.

A cat wants nothing more than love, affection, security, and warmth. If you can provide the pet all these, there is no way it is sad. Rather the feline will knead on the blanket, pillow, or another soft surface just to let you know how happy it is.

Time For Mating

It is believed that the female cat often invites the male ones for mating by doing several things. And kneading is one of them. Some other behavioral changes are loud vocal, different walking style, etc. The kneading simply indicates that the queen has entered the estrus stage. She will be available for coitus in no time.

Kneading Can Hurt

Kneading is undoubtedly a token of love from your pet cat. But sometimes, it can hurt. When a cat kneads with its sharp claws and heavyweight on your lap, this can be annoying and painful. But never scold your feline for spreading love. Rather trim its claws or place a cushion between your pet and your lap to avoid the scratches.

Why do cats make biscuits? Of course to show love and affection. Always appreciate your feline when it is giving you affection.

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