Cats mating can seem like the breeding of any other animals. But if you learn deeply about their mating process, you will discover many interesting facts. For example, a female cat can give birth to 5 kittens each of a different male feline. Have you ever wondered how this happens? Or how do cats mate

Usually, the mating is pretty easy for male cats. The queen cat sends a signal to the male cats around for mating. The feline in heat will be desperate to engage in mating. 

Do you want to know more about a feline’s mating? Then this is the article you need. Here you will get all the facts you need to know about a cat’s mating behavior. 

What is the mating season for the felines? 

how do cats mate

Do cats have special seasons for breeding? Actually, a cat can go into heat at any time of the year. The female cat will get desperate to mate as soon as her heat cycle begins. 

Though the felines can engage in breeding any time, some experts claim daylight hours can control the urge. According to the scientists, the felines mating season can start from early February to late December, depending on the hemisphere. 

In the north, the breeding season lasts from March to September. On the other hand, in the south region, the mating behavior can be observed from September to March in cats.

What is Estrus? 

How do cats mate? Before discussing this, you must learn the term Estrus.

The Estrus is the period when the female kitty is more responsive to mating. During this time, the production of estradiol increases. The estradiol is generated from the ovarian follicles. Some people compare the Estrus to menstruation. But this is different and unlike dogs, the felines do not experience swelling or bloody discharge. There will be mucous discharge in female cats. 

Experts consider the female felines as induced ovulates. It means the kitty will not ovulate unless there is mating or anything similar to this. The hormonal level of the cat will drop if the queen cat does not involve in mating during her Estrus period. 

The Estrus period of a feline can last for six weeks. After ending, another cycle will start in the next two to three weeks.

How will you understand if your cat is in the heat? Well, the feline exhibits some signs during that time. For example, 

  1. The female cat will act restlessly. 
  2. She will be loud. 
  3. The queen will start rubbing her body with everything. 
  4. You will hear her moaning. 
  5. She will try going outside to mate. 
  6. The body posture will change. 

Check this article to know more about the feline’s heat cycle. 

How do cats mate? 

how do cats mate

You already know that the queen cat sends the signal to male ones for mating. Are you wondering about the signals? Here is how they show their interest in mating: 

The queen cat holds a unique posture by keeping her chest down and bending the forelegs. She will expose her vulva by raising the tail by a quarter. This position is called lordosis and this is a sign that your cat wants to mate. The kitty’s rear legs will tread in rhythm while walking. 

The male cat who engages in mating is also called the tomcat. He will mount the queen from behind. He will hold her from behind with the teeth. Why do the cats bite during mating? There are 2 theories about it. 

Some claim that the response of the queen to the biting ensures she is interested. However, others believe this just excites the female cat and helps her to ovulate. The tomcat will insert his penis into the queen feline’s vulva from behind. 

Why do cats scream when they mate? Many people wonder about this question. Well, usually, when the tomcat withdraws his penis, the queen cat may make a sound that is similar to screaming. Or, the queen may scream during the mating. 

There are some probable reasons for it. For example, 

  1. The male cats have barbed penises. This is somehow similar to the fishhook. So, when the tomcat withdraws, the queen feline may scream a little. 
  2. The scream may come from pleasure. 
  3. The tomcat can become aggressive while mating. This can cause pain to the queen and so, she screams. 

These are the reasons why a cat screams while mating.

When does conception occur? 

For conception, a queen cat needs to mate three to four times. Usually, it takes 20 to 50 hours after a successful mating to ovulate. The eggs stay fertilized for 24 hours. 

The eggs get fertilized in the oviduct. After that, they travel to the uterus through the uterine horn. These eggs will be implemented there within 10 to 12 days. 

How To Know If Your Cat Is Pregnant? 

how do cats mate

Do cats realize if they are pregnant? Or how long are cats pregnant for? The answer to the first question is, yes. The female cats do realize that they are pregnant. They also show some symptoms of pregnancy. For example, 

  • The feline will vomit more frequently. 
  • The nipples of the cat will become more enlarged and pink. 
  • The cat will gain weight. 
  • The pregnant cat’s belly will swell up. 
  • She will seek attention from the owner. 

Generally, a cat stays pregnant for 62 to 67 days. After one month of successful mating, the feline’s belly will get enlarged. To be exactly sure, you need to visit a vet and consult with him. 

How to introduce cats for mating 

If you want to breed your cats, you must follow the proper steps. Such as: 

  1. Do not let two immature cats mate. Ensure they are matured and in full size. 
  2. Mating can be stressful for pets. Take them to a vet for physical checkups. 
  3. Calculate the healing cycle of the female cat. 
  4. Put the male and female cat together during the queen’s heating cycle

Final words

How do cats mate? Or how to introduce them for mating? I have discussed all the terms you need to know as a cat parent. Now the feline’s behavior will be clearer to you.


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