Cats are one of the most popular pets around the world. When we buy or adopt a feline, we must gather all information about it. For example, how long can cats live? Which things affect a pet cat’s health? Or how to make a cat live a long life. 

All this small information will help you to take great care of the pet. Not only that, by knowing the probable life expectancy of a kitty, we can be emotionally prepared for it. Usually, a cat lives an average life of 2 to 16 years. Depending on the breed, type, and health, the lifespan varies. 

Read on to this article to know more about a feline’s lifespan and the factors that affect a cat’s life expectancy. 

How long can cats live? 

How long can cats live

Have you heard of the phrase that cats have nine lives? So, do cats really live that long life? Well, considering their physique, yes they do. Depending on some factors, a cat can live up to 20 years or even more. 

The pet cats have an average life expectancy of 15 years. The world’s oldest cat is at the age of 37.5. So, you can not tell for sure how long the felines will live. You can only assume by looking at the statistics. 

According to scientists, indoor cats have a longer life. Again, a mixed breed cat lives more than a purebred. If you have spayed or neutered your cat, it will have a longer lifespan. This is because neutering prevents different reproductive diseases.

How long do indoor cats live?

Well, good news for the indoor cat owners. These indoor cats live a much longer life than many other cats. According to experts, an indoor cat can live around 13 to 17 years. It makes their average lifespan about 15 years. 

Why do indoor cats live a long life? There are many reasons for it. For example,

  • The indoor cats get a healthy meal every day. 
  • They get constant medical care. In case of any emergency, the indoor cats get proper treatment. 
  • The indoor cats are vaccinated and sterilized. 
  • Owners of the indoor cats make sure the pets do regular exercise. 
  • The indoor felines have enough things to play with and they spend a happy time. So, their mental health is equally strong. 

How long do outdoor cats live?

How long can cats live

The life expectancy of an outdoor cat is not as long as an indoor one. The average lifespan of these cats is in between 2 to 11 years. Some cats may live a little longer. 

Are you wondering why an outdoor cat lives a short life? Well, you will get the answer to their lifestyle. These cats roam freely in the outside world. It means the outdoor cats are more exposed to diseases, parasites, fleas, and worms. 

Also, outdoor cats get involved in fights with other felines or wild animals. This affects their lifespan. But do not think their life is miserable. They get regular exercise by moving freely in nature. Also, they get the freedom that an indoor cat can never imagine. 

How long do tabby cats live? 

The tabby cat is one type of domestic cat that has distinctive patterns on its coat. They are similar to any other cats. So, these cats live a decent life like any other felines. 

The life expectancy of a tabby cat is 12 to 20 years. There are many types of tabby cats depending on the coat pattern. For example, classic tabby, spotted tabby, Mackerel tabby, etc. Some people think the lifespan of these cats depends on the pattern of the coatings, which is not true.

6 Factors That Affect a Feline’s Lifespan

How long can cats live 

When someone asks, “How long can cats live?” They should remember that the lifespan depends on some factors. Such as: 

  1. Type of the cat 
  2. Feral or domestic 
  3. Breed 
  4. Physical health 
  5. Gender 
  6. Spayed/Neutered or not 

Let’s discuss each of these points. 

1. Type of the cat 

Here I am indicating if the cat is indoors or outdoors. I have mentioned above that indoor cats live a longer life than outdoor ones. This is because the indoor felines get daily food, medical care, and stay safe inside. On the other hand, outdoor cats have to struggle to survive. 

2. Feral or domestic 

It is obvious that domestic cats will live longer. Many of you do not know what a feral cat is. Well, if a cat has never been owned by anyone and lives on the street is called a feral cat. 

These cats do not get to eat every day. Also, there is no treatment available to them. In simple words, the feral cats do not get any advantages like the house cats. So, they live a much shorter life than domestic ones. 

3. Breed 

Cat’s breed can affect its life expectancy. The purebred cats suffer from more diseases than the mixed bred ones. It is because their genetic pool is limited. Some breeds like Burmese, Persian, and Siamese can cross their 20s. 

4. Physical health 

Cats can suffer from severe diseases like kidney failure, liver issues, cancer, and so on. Each disease leaves a mark on the feline’s lifespan. Sick care can barely live up to its life expectancy. 

This is why stray and feral cats do not live a longer life. They do not get any chance of medical treatment. 

5. Gender 

Many of you may not know but the queen cats live a longer life. Though it is not much, the female felines live one or two years longer than the male ones. This is because male ones suffer from more diseases. Also, they roam around and fight a lot. 

6. Spayed/Neutered or not

Neutering the cat can increase its longevity. A statistic indicates that spayed cats have a lesser chance of suffering from cancer or other severe diseases. In most cases, indoor cats get neutered. That is one of the reasons why they live a long life. 

Final words 

How long do cats live? Or what factors affect their life? Now you get all the answers. Make sure to take great care of your feline. It is because only proper care can ensure a long and healthy life.


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