A few months back, I brought a new kitty to my home. When I introduced him to my old cat, trust me, that was not the reaction I was expecting. My whole house became a battlefield, and those two cats did not get along. So, I applied a little trick, and soon, there was peace again. Then I thought why not share the tips with you all. Here, I will be telling you all the tips and tricks on how to get cats To get along.

So, if your felines do not get along, this article is a must-read for you. 

Why do two cats not get along?

How To Get Cats To Get Along

Before moving into how to get cats to get along, let’s see why cats hate each other at first. I am not indicating all the cats out there. Some cats really play cool with other felines. 

According to psychologists, there can be several reasons that trigger a cat to fight with another cat. For example,

  • Unpleasant experience with other cats before
  • Lack of confidence
  • Competition to be the favorite cat
  • Disturbance 
  • Sharing toys
  • Lack of socialization 
  • Stress 
  • Fear 

However, if your cat has never seen another feline in his life, getting introduced to a new kitty will be difficult for him. The pet will be afraid at first and get involved in fights. Again, the cats mark their territory using their special scent. If another feline takes over the place, both of them will be aggressive to each other. 

Two male or two female cats also feel uncomfortable sharing the space at first. Like us humans, the cats also choose their companion observing others’ personalities. If one feline does not like the personality of another fellow cat, they will not get along.

Easy Way To Get Cats To Get Along 

When you add a new member to your kitty family, this is the main problem you face. The previous cats do not want to be friends with the new one. So, here are some tricks that might help you encourage the cats to get along with each other. 

How To Get Cats To Get Along



Sometimes, the cat parents fail to introduce two cats properly. And that causes the fighting. So, it is important to know how to introduce two cats

Cats, like most other animals, trust their smelling power. So, let the two cats smell each other so that they can bond later. The best way to do this is to put both cats in separate rooms and let them smell through the door. 

It is difficult to convince the existing cat to be friends with the new one. Here is a trick you can follow. Give the existing cat anything that has a smell of the new feline. This way the cat will find it intimidating and will accept the existence of a new fellow. 

After the smelling part, you need to get to the next part. Now, the cats need to see each other before they can touch or interact. How will you do it? 

Put the new cat in a cat carrier and place it in front of the existing cat. This way both the cat will observe each other and sniff. If you see the cats are not getting aggressive, offer them a treat. This will encourage the pets to avoid any fight. 

However, observe the behavior of the two cats closely. Do not let them interact with each other physically until both get used to each other. When will you understand the cats are getting along? The cats will stay calm and relaxed in the presence of each other. 

If the cats are getting along, let them play with each other. Provide them toys and other things they like. Offer the felines small treats after interacting with each other. If the cats exhibit aggressive behavior, separate them. 



In many cases, the cats fight over food. So, try to identify why the cats are fighting. To avoid the fighting, provide the felines with enough food and water. 



How to stop a catfight over territory? I have mentioned earlier that a cat is very sensitive about its territory. For example, fighting over the meal bowl, the litter box is normal. If you find out territory is the main reason for their conflict, then take immediate action. 

Feeding the cats in separate rooms can be a solution if the bowl is the problem. Also, provide multiple litter boxes in the house. Every cat has a favorite spot. Make sure the opponent is not taking over the place. 



Sometimes, when a cat is ill or stressed, he can snap on the fellow feline. This is because the sickness makes him short-tempered and aggressive. If your cat is suddenly exhibiting weird behavior like this, take it to a vet. 



As a cat parent, you should be supportive of the felines. When you notice the cats behaving properly to each other, offer them a delicious meal. This will keep them motivated and the felines will get along easily.

Signs cats are starting to get along

How will you understand if your felines are getting along or not? Well, to make things easier, here are some signs that will indicate your pets are now friends: 

◊ The bonded felines will rub or lick each other’s face and body. 

◊ Your pet cats will cuddle and sleep together. 

◊ You will often see the bonded cats playing with the same toys. 

◊ The cats will hang out together and stay united. 

If your cats are friends, do not expect them not to fight. They will fight eventually and will get along again. However, sometimes, they play aggressively when they get too excited. It seems like a fight, but trust me, the felines are just enjoying it. 

How long does it take for cats to get along? Well, there is no exact answer to this question. It can take a day, a week, a month, or even more. But in most cases, the cats get along with each other within a month or so. 

Now you know how to get cats to get along. If you think your felines are aggressive to each other, do not forget to apply the tricks.


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