Have you ever woken up and discovered your sofa nearly destroyed with cat scratches? If yes, then this article is for you. While scratching might seem disturbing and destructive to us, for felines, this is normal.

I know you want to save your expensive furniture from your pet’s claw marks. But without knowing the proper methods on how to keep cats from scratching furniture will be like beating around the bushes. To lessen your trouble, I will share the most effective tips that will surely stop a cat from scratching your decors in the following article.

Why Do Cats Claw Furniture?

Do you think cats leave claw marks to irritate you? Or do all cats scratch furniture? Before getting into how to keep cats from scratching furniture, you should know why they do it.

First of all, scratching the furniture or carpet is normal behavior for felines. There is more than one reason behind this nature. And secondly, more or less every kitty owns this habit. Here is why a feline scratch your decor:

1. Many of you do not know but cats do natural exercises to stay fit. Stretching is the most popular form of move that cats practice after a long sleep or an exhausting day. Stretches relax their muscles and energize the body. Scratching provides stretches to the feline’s muscles and tendons.

2. Do you know felines have to shed the outer husk of the nails periodically? Yes, it is true. Scratching a surface helps the furry balls with this task.

3. Cats are very concerned about their territory. If they love something, they mark it as their territory. How do they do that? Simple, by scratching, biting, or kneading on the surface. Felines have special glands under their paws. When they scratch it leaves a distinct scent on that thing, which is detectable by other cats and animals.

4. In my previous blogs, I have mentioned, cats can experience stress and anxiety. It is unfortunate that without proper care, the condition can go far and unusual behavior starts developing in the pet. Often a stressed cat gets relief by scratching a carpet, furniture, or a surface.

How To Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

How To Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

You know cats do not scratch your favorite couch or carpet on purpose. So, hating them will do no good to you. Rather, searching for the solution will benefit you more. Here are some of the most effective methods that will stop your feline from clawing the furniture.

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The Scratching Post Is An Ultimate Solution

I personally believe a scratch post is the best way to stop cats from clawing furniture. This product offers the felines a surface for scratching. To be honest, this idea is quite popular among cat parents.

You have to consider several things while purchasing or making the feline familiar with the scratching post. Here are some tips that will help you for sure:

  • Purchase those scratching posts that share the same height as your kitty. Also, the products should be able to bear the impact or weight of the feline. However, too much height or being overweight may cause an accident.
  • Scratching posts are available in different sizes. For example, flat or high-rise. Use the flat scratching posts for those cats who claw the carpets a lot. Again, you can align one scratching post horizontally or vertically depending on the preference of the feline.
  • You should avoid fluffy posts as they have several drawbacks. On the other hand, posts with sisal rope around work the best with cats.
  • Placing several posts at different locations will be a smart move. Observe which furniture the feline prefers to scratch. Locate the scratching post near that furniture so grab the kitty’s attention.
  • At first, the cat will be afraid of the post. You have to encourage the felines to scratch the posts. You can do it by rubbing catnip to the posts. Giving treats when the pet is scratching the post will also do the magic. There are many more methods available to encourage the pet to use the post.
  • The scratching post surfaces also matter. Observe which material is the feline’s favorite. Go for fabric, cardboard, sisal rope, or anything else that the cat likes to scratch.

How To Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture

Scold Your Cats If Necessary

Some owners believe scolding a feline will be a good idea. Cats understand your body language and expression. If you discourage the pet from scratching, it may lose interest in scratching.

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Spraying Water Will Work

Cats hate water. That is why people have been using the sprinkle of water to train the felines from ancient times. And surprisingly, it works. Spray water on the face of the feline whenever you notice scratching the carpet or furniture. It will stop clawing the decors within a few days.

Using Cat Repellent Will Prove Effective

Can you use a spray to stop cats from scratching furniture? The answer is yes. Cat repellents are popular for restricting a cat’s movement. You can use both upgraded cat repellents or home remedies.

A feline hates the smell of ammonia or citric. Buy those commercial cat repellent sprays or make one by yourself. Orange peel or lemons with vinegar mixtures work as great cat repellents.

Some people install motion devices to keep the cats away. The sensor picks up the motion of the cat and creates an ultrasonic sound only heard by cats. The pets can not bear the Harz and leave the place.

Tempt Your Feline With Something Else

Whenever your cat runs for scratching the couch or furniture, you need to draw their attention with something else. You can use toys and other tempting things to redirect their mind.

Make The Room Out Of Access

If you can not afford any of the above tricks, you better keep the room locked. First, observe which furniture the kitty loves to scratch and then make it out of access.

I have discussed several methods on how to keep cats from scratching furniture. Many owners think declawing the feline may resolve the issue. But I personally find it inhumane. Rather soft rubber claws can be a smart solution.

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