I have been raising multiple cats for years. I often see people facing problems with their cats as the felines do not get along. To be honest, this is a problem even I have gone through once or twice with my cats. 

But over the years, with my experience, I have learned, your kitties can be friends with each other if you can introduce them well. So, how to introduce cats to each? Well, first impressions are very important when it comes to cats. If the first meet goes well and the felines feel safe with each other, they will get along without much effort. 

If you are facing problems introducing new cats to the existing ones, give this article a read. I will discuss everything in detail.

How To Introduce Cats To Each Other 

How to Introduce Cats to Each Other

Cats are solitary creatures and do not like it when another feline comes to its territory. And so, it often becomes hard to make the cats stay with each other. But a proper introduction can be the ultimate solution to the problem. Here is a step by step guide that might help you: 



After bringing the new cat, do not let it get in touch with the existing one right away. Rather, wait for a few days. In this period, you can encourage and prepare the cats to meet each other. 

What will happen if you let the old and new cats meet right away? The old feline will feel insecure about its territory and start attacking the new kitty. And trust me, catfights are the last thing you want in your sweet home. 



I suggest you put the new cat in a separate room and keep the old fellow in the room next to it. This way, the felines can smell each other through the door. The cats trust their smells more than anything. So, making them familiar with each other’s scent is a smart idea. 

Swap the cats’ toys or beddings. Each thing that carries the scent or pheromone of the feline will work. Getting used to each other’s scent can take a few days. Give the cats all the time they need. Make sure they do not get physical contact yet. 



Do not lose your patience yet. People ask me how to introduce cats to each other peacefully. The answer is always the same. You need to take things slow. 

Once both the felines get used to each other’s scent, now it is time for observation. You can do this in two ways. 

First, open the doors and let the cats see each other. Notice their reactions. The felines will try to sniff each other and get closer. But do not let them yet. Second, put the new cat in the cat carrier and place it before the old feline. The existing fellow will observe the new member closely. Then switch the places of both cats.

Mark their reactions. If the cats act aggressively towards each other, this is not a good time to put them together. And if they act normal, then you can move to the next step.  

How to Introduce Cats to Each Other



Now it is time for the face to face meeting. You can only move to this step if your cats know each other by smell and by sight. Also, they stay calm around each other. If not, then you need to keep them separate for more days. 

Give them toys to play together. Throughout the physical meeting, you need to observe the felines. You can not predict in which direction the meeting will turn. So, you must be present there keeping an eye on the felines. 

Observe the cats’ body language. If you find the cats hissing at each other, it means they are not ready yet. Hissing is a way to show aggression. Sometimes, the felines start the meeting in a chill and relaxed mood, but after a while, it takes an ugly turn. 

In case of any fighting, break them up immediately. Also, notice what they are fighting for. If it is food, then give them enough food the next time. If they are fighting over a toy, provide them different toys to play with. 



If the felines become friends then that is a good thing of course. But if the cats do not get along, then continue the process from the start or apply some more tricks.

You can ask me how to introduce cats to other pets. Well, that is more or less the same case. I will discuss that in any other article.

How long does it take for the cats to get along? 

Well, there is no exact period that I can say. But from my personal experience, I can say a maximum of 2 to 3 months. Some cats become friends in just 30 days. On the other hand, some will not get along after 6 months or more. 

How soon your felines will become friends depends on the first impression and how you treat them. You should not be partial to any of the cats and give them all the love you can. Sometimes competition can be a reason for their aggression. 

How to introduce a new feline to home 

How to Introduce Cats to Each Other

Introducing a new cat to the home can be exciting. Before bringing the feline to your home, make sure you are well prepared. For example, buy food supplies for the cat, bring toys for it, set a bed for the kitty. Make the house cat proof and if you have any other pet, consider teaching them how to behave. 

Finally, when the kitty will be at home, spend time with it. Follow its lead and let the feline smell you. Show the cat around the house and provide it the toys you have bought. At first, the cat can be stressed due to the new environment and people. But once it gets acquainted, the pet will become a part of your family. 

Making two cats like each other is kind if tough. But with the proper steps and techniques, you can make the process easier. This article on how to introduce cats to each other will be a great help for you in this journey.


How Do You Successfully Introduce Two Cats?

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