Recently, some videos on cats and cucumbers went viral. In those videos, the owner places a cucumber behind the cat, the feline gets shocked and afraid of seeing the green fruit. People are enjoying these videos and thinking that these are funny. But are they?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? Have you ever thought about that? The cats have a tendency to get scared by seeing strange things. And most of the time, the felines think the cucumbers are snakes and get shocked.

Why do cats not like snakes or cucumbers? Is this the only thing a cat is afraid of? If you have the same questions in mind, give this article a read.

What are cats afraid of?

A cat is anything but not brave. He is generally afraid of a bunch of things. Here is a list of things that scares your cat:

    1. Cucumber
    2. Banana
    3. Water
    4. Fireworks
    5. Dogs
    6. Snakes
    7. Babies

In the upcoming sections, I will talk about the major things that scare a cat and how to calm the pet.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers

There is no exact answer to why cats are not a big fan of cucumbers. But yes, there are some probable reasons. Some experts think it is not the cucumber that scares the cat. Instead, the cat is afraid of something else that looks similar to the cucumber.

Generally, a cat is afraid of anything bizarre and new. And cucumbers look a lot alike to snakes. These green veggies have a curved side like snakes. So, the cat’s instinctive fear of snakes kicks in, and he gives a panicked reaction.

If you are trying to imagine the cat’s reaction, let me help you a bit. It will jump about a couple of feet up in the air to avoid the snake’s biting. The cat’s eyes will be wide open, filled with fear, and it will make a scary meow noise.

Well, this is the most accepted theory why cats are afraid of cucumbers. There are many more. Another theory suggests that the weird look of the cucumber scares the cat. When the felines turn around and see a weird green veggie, they think a predator is sneaking up on them from behind. And so, they jump and try to protect themselves.

Is scaring cats with cucumbers safe?

I bet you will get thousands of likes if you post your cat’s reaction to seeing a cucumber. For some, the response is quite funny. But is doing this act have any effect on the cat?

Actually, it does. Your cat may calm down after a few moments, but the memory will haunt them down. Experts claim that scaring a cat can damage its long term psyche. Moreover, your cat will no longer trust you. Now, you have to decide which one is more important to you, a thousand likes or your pet cat.

Cats and bananas

Some people give this bold statement that cats are afraid of bananas. But this is not true for all the cats. Some cats can even attack the banana if it is in a weird shape. However, I will not say the cats are afraid of this fruit. No, the felines dislike this fruit.

The bananas have a smell that is not impressive to the cats. Sometimes sniffing the outer skin may upset the kitty’s tummy. However, I have seen many cats eating bananas and enjoying it.

So, not all the cats are afraid of the bananas. Yes, a few really think of this fruit as a predator attacking them and getting scared.

Cats and snakes

As I have mentioned earlier, there is no proof that cats are afraid of cucumbers because they look like snakes. This is just a well known and widely accepted theory. This theory makes us believe that cats are afraid of snakes and try to protect and escape at all costs. Is this true?

Basically, no theory or experiment can prove cats are afraid of snakes. Humans are scared of snakes, and we think this must be true for our little kitties. But the case can be quite the opposite.

There are many cases where a cat has killed snakes. Yes, I am telling you the truth. Cats are natural predators and can be really dangerous sometimes. But, if you imagine your kitty killing an anaconda, then come out of the bubble. A cat can easily kill non Venomous king snake, rat snake, corn snake, and a garter snake.

But if your cat faces off with a snake over 6 feet, it will end up being the snake’s meal. However, a few years back, I watched a documentary about snakes and cats. It represented one pet owner who successfully petted one cat and snake together. This means a cat and snake can be friends.

Why are cats afraid of water?

Some cats are terrified of water and can do anything to avoid bathing. This is basically called hydrophobia. And some cats get it by birth. But yes, overall, cats are not a big fan of water.

Here are some reasons why your cat avoids water or do not want to get into a pool:

  1. If your cat has long hair, the coat will get heavy when it is wet. Thus, the cat will struggle to stay afloat in the water. This experience can make the cat hate getting into the water.
  2. The water lowers the body temperature of a feline. And the cat feels cold. This can be why cats are not fond of water.
  3. The swimming pool water has a special odor, which is not too impressive for the cats. They try to avoid as much as they can.

How to calm a frightened cat

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers, bananas, and water? You know the probable answers. But do you know how to calm them?

A scared cat will hide in a box or an enclosed space. Do not force him to come out. Instead, give him time and space to reset his mood. If it comes to you, pet him and try to relax the pet at any cost.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers and most other things? I hope you have got the answer. Do not scare the pet intentionally. It can mess up the cat’s psyche.

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