You will never want to get into a sleeping competition with a cat. Why? Well, if you are new to the feline’s lifestyle, you will be buzzed to watch them sleeping so much. They can sleep anywhere, and God knows for how many hours. 

Cats naturally sleep a lot, and sometimes it gets hard to keep track of their sleeping hours. So, how long do cats sleep? Usually, a feline can sleep 15 to 20 hours per day. 

Does it sound a lot? Yes, it is. There are many more interesting facts about a feline’s sleep cycle and position. If you are interested, then give this article a read. 

How long do cats sleep? 

How Long Do Cats Sleep

Usually, an adult cat sleeps an average of 12 to 16 hours per day. Some factors can affect a cat’s sleeping period. In the rainy or snowy weather, cats tend to spend more time in their bed. 

You will find the felines dozing more often when there is no condition to go outside. It is like these little buddies already know the weather forecasts. Generally, the cats do get up, eat their breakfast, and play for a bit of time and go back to sleep. Sometimes, they sleep for 8 to 10 hours straight. 

How long do kittens sleep? 

A kitten sleeps for more hours than an adult or young cat. You may find your kitten sleeping for 20 hours, and there is no sign of opening its eyes. 

It is totally normal. The kittens are less active than the adult ones. As babies start growing, they become more active, and their sleeping hours decrease. During the teenage, the cats stay the most active and change their sleeping patterns. 

However, when the cats get older, they get back to the previous sleeping routine. They do fewer activities and spend more of the time sleeping or dozing off

Why do cats sleep so much? 

How Long Do Cats Sleep

Sleeping is the energy conversion process of the cats. Deep down, each cat owns the psychology of a predator. It means they have an inheritance instinct of chasing and hunting small animals for survival. 

The cats need to save as much energy they can for the hunting session. And they do this by sleeping for many hours. Though the cats have been domesticated, this habit has not changed. The house cats still sleep for long hours in case they need to hunt for survival. 

Do cats really need that much sleep? 

The cats are biologically programmed to sleep most of the time of the day. But the question is, “Do the cats really need it?” 

See, the cats are compatible to sleep for long hours. A kitten will sleep for 20 hours, where the adult kitty will set its sleeping schedule somewhere between 12 to 16 hours. Again, when the feline gets old, it will sleep for long hours. 

Each cat needs this long sleep. If you mess up with the cat’s sleeping hours, he or she might end up being sick.

Do house cats sleep at night? 

The wild cats sleep all day and stay awake at night for hunting. But what do the house cats do? Do they sleep at night or stay awake? 

The house cats have also maintained the routine. They fall asleep after breakfast, sleep all day, and stay awake from dawn to dusk. Most home cats do not sleep at night. They spend time playing and doing other stuff. 

However, some cats are nice enough to match their sleeping cycle with their owners. These cats sleep at night and wake up in the morning. 

Cat Sleeping Positions

How Long Do Cats Sleep

Your pet cat can sleep in different positions. The interesting thing is each position indicates a message. Here are some of the most common sleeping positions of a feline: 

  • Sideway sleeper – the cat is relaxed and content. 
  • Belly up – a cat hardly sleeps in this position. This means the cat is feeling extremely safe and relaxed. 
  • Cat in the box – the feline is seeking security. 
  • Contortionist- the cat is comfortable.
  • Loaf – this is the most favorite sleeping position of a cat. This means the cat has not planned to sleep for too long. 
  • Monorail cat- this a resting position for the felines. 
  • Half eye shut – a cat has an intuition of staying alert all the time. Half eye shut is such a position where the cat is sleeping and awake at the same time. 
  • Paw across the face- the cat, does not want to be disturbed while it is sleeping. 

Sometimes the cats sleep on the owner. Do you know why? It is because the cat trusts the owner and thinks he is the safest place possible. Also, the feline finds it warm and comfortable to sleep on the owner’s lap. 

Cats dream in their sleep 

How long do cats sleep? You got the answer. But in this sleep, do they snore or have any dreams? 

You will be surprised to know that your furry little feline can snore. Generally, if the cat is sleeping in a strange position, it will snore. The snoring is normal if there is no fluid discharge from the nose and eyes. However, snoring can be both temporary and permanent in cats.

When it comes to dreaming, your little friend can have dreams too. You will be wondered to know that cats can have nightmares too. If you notice the cat’s whiskers or paws moving while sleeping, the pet is probably dreaming. However, if the pet looks frightened while waking up, it indicates a bad dream.


Cats sleep most of the time. It makes us wonder if they are in a night of deep sleep or not. If you notice, most people call a cat’s sleep a catnap. There is a special reason behind it. 

Most cats do not get into a deep sleep. Experts suggest that only 25% of cats have a deep sleep, where the rest 75% enjoy snoozing off and a light sleep. You can wake them up, and they will get back to sleep again. 

How long do cats sleep? Is it okay if they sleep for a longer time? Now you know the answer. Let your feline sleep as long as they want. If you think it is abnormal, consult a vet.


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