Peeing is a natural phenomenon in every animal. It is a process of depuration to keep animal organisms balanced. But excessive or limited peeing can be an awful experience and a sign of bad health.

Therefore, How often do cats pee is a common query among pet owners? They are simply concerned about their cats’ health. If you are among those conscious owners, you need to observe the pet’s peeing. The urination frequency can make you aware of your cat’s health. 

How often is your cat peeing? Is your cat peeing excessively? Does it pee little amount or the colour of the urine is unusual? There is lots of necessary info about urinating you should know as a cat lover.

How many times do cats pee every day? 

How Often Do Cats Pee

A normal cat usually pees two to four times a day. But the frequency depends on a number of factors. These factors decide the times your cat pee is ideal or not. These factors are: 

Age: Have you ever noticed that a human child urinates more frequently than an adult? Yeah, it’s true in case of other mammals also. Kitten urination is more frequent due to its faster metabolic power than a full-grown one. 

Do you know how often a kitten should pee in 24 hours? Though there is no obvious answer to this question, yet, the estimation is obvious. A kitten needs to pee every few hours; more than five times in normal condition. But a cat doesn’t necessarily need that much. 3 times a day enough for them. 

Amount of Liquid: It is no rocket science that a cat taking more liquid will pee more as a consequence. And less liquid intake will result in lesser liquid engrossment. So the answer to this question highly depends on the water intake.

So make sure that your feline furry friend finds enough water to quench his thirst. Cats love water to play with. So it’s a necessary requirement to arrange a considerable amount of water in your place.

Diet: Dry foods need more water to digest. So if a cat is given excessive dry foods, it will use more water indigestion than peeing. Therefore there should be a balance between dry and liquid meals in the food chart.

There are other factors, such as humidity and heat, that can affect urination as well. For instance, on a hot summer day, the cat will sweat and lose water. Therefore he’ll pee less than usual. But what does it mean if your cat pee less? Let’s find out.

What if a cat pee less?

As pointed out earlier, various reasons can cause less urination. But peeing less than usual is a sign of abnormal health. If your cat pees less, the first thing you need to do is to notice its movement. If it pees less due to heat or excessive training, then there is nothing to worry. 

Sometimes they pee outside or in the lawn also to mark their area. You are probably acquainted with dogs doing so. But cats also do the same if other cats are there. So if you assume such things, then it’s normal to pee less in the litter box.

But if it pees quite less, then you need to give the pet some water to drink. If it drinks then you can be tension free. But if it doesn’t, and it shows signs of illness, you should take an appointment from your vet. 

What if a cat stops peeing?

In certain conditions, a cat can go without peeing for a day. But still, it’s a dangerous thing to assume it to be common. If your cat stops urinating completely, then it’s alarming. If it tries (in the litter box) but fails to pee, then something is wrong. 

It might be caused by urinary infection. Or maybe by kidney failure or the failure of the urinary bladder. But whatever the cause may be, you should immediately consult your vet. 48 hours without pee can cause death. So you need to be conscious here.

What if a cat urinates more?

Some dog owners experience this nuisance. If your feline goes more than five times a day, you need to be alert. By checking the litter box you can know the frequency.

If the frequency seems constant then it can indicate a disease (cat diabetes perhaps). If it pees frequently in small amounts, it also means a grave situation. Urinary blockage or inflammation or UTIs can cause such a disaster. In such cases, you need help from a certified veterinarian.

What if the urine is abnormal?

Cat urine colour charts can provide you with information about your pet’s health. Cats’ urine is usually yellowish in colour. It may also seem golden to some. But this colour indicates a sound body.

But if you find the colour is different, then it is worrisome. Red colour means danger. It marks the urinary bleeding or similar problems. So you need to bear a vet visit.

Moreover, sometimes the smell of cat urine is unusual. Generally, cat urine is pungent but bearable. But if you smell something intensive, you should check it out. The strong smell can be a possible sign of infection.

However, one thing should be noted here. An unneutered cat naturally smells bad. So it should not be a matter of worry.

Guide To a Healthy Cat

How Often Do Cats Pee

An unhealthy cat is a burden. For getting a healthy cat, you should ensure certain things. After you implement these you can get a healthy cat.

  • Give your cat enough water to drink. Lack of water can cause dehydration.
  • Clean the litter box regularly, even if it seems tidy. Clean the cat also if needed.
  • Prepare a balanced food chart and implement it.
  • Don’t beat him or cause any pain to him.
  • Train your cat to respond to your call. Play with him if you get time.
  • Keep his abode clean. Make it convenient with certain pet toys.
  • Monitor How often do cats pee and poop. If you find anything unusual, ask help from a vet.
  • Use medication if needed. Don’t respond late; otherwise worse can happen.

After you implement these steps, you can expect a healthy cat. Though cats are not prone to diseases. But if your feline shows any sign of them, take advice from a professional vet. Take care of your pet and be happy forever.


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