Cat and boxes! Who does not know this cat phrase? Each feline has an unconditional love for boxes. But why do cats like boxes?

Like some other facts, this feline mystery is also unsolved. But the good news is, scientists have discovered some probable reasons why a cat is so fond of boxes. For example, the boxes are an excellent place for hiding and cozy to sleep in.

Obviously, there are some more reasons why a cat loves boxes. You will find them out in this article. If you are a bit curious to know about your cat’s mysterious behavior, give this article a read.

Why do cats like boxes?

We humans are not a big fan of plain, brown boxes. But when it comes to cats, they go mad for any box. Why? Well, there can be many reasons. In this section, I will discuss only the major and valid ones.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

1. Boxes provide the cat’s safety and security

Safety and security are the main reasons why cats love boxes so much. Whenever a cat is in fear or stress, it starts looking for an enclosed space to hide. This is an instinct the cats get by birth.

When the cats are in a box, no predators or nothing can sneak up on them from behind or any other side. In other sense, this gives the cats a direct vision of anything that is approaching them. And so, the cats can stay relaxed and stress-free.

If you have just bought a cat, put him in a box. It is because new environments can be pretty stressful for the felines. And boxes are the safest heaven for them. A study shows that the cats who play with boxes are less stressed than those who don’t. So, put the cats in boxes if they have any anxiety.

Some experts suggest providing cats with condos. Condos are multi-level cubicles. Cats can jump from one cubicle from another. Also, the felines feel safe inside the box of the cuticles.

2. Boxes activates the wild instincts

We all know that cats are wild predators. Like an excellent predator, they hide, watch, and stalk its prey. Though domestic cats do not need to depend on hunting for survival, they hide in boxes to satisfy the wild instincts.

3. Cats are fond of warmth

Why do cats like boxes? I will say warmth is one of the main reasons behind it. Boxes make them feel comfortable, and they can regulate their body temperatures there.

Do you know cats feel the most comfortable at a temperature of around 85 to 97 degrees? But the average temperature in any house is about 72 to 76 degrees. It is much less than what a cat needs. So, when the cats get a chance to stay in a warm environment, they do not think twice before jumping.

The small cardboard is great insulators, which make the place comfortable for the felines. This is the reason many owners prefer cardboard cat houses. The cats can curl up and relax in the warm and cozy boxes.

4. Boxes are fun to play with

Cats are fun-loving, and what can be more enjoyable than a box? Maybe this is the simplest reason why cats love boxes. The cats jump in a box, roll around it, bounce his favorite toy in the box.

You can give your cat a fluffy ball, and he will play with it happily. But if you want to provide the cat with the best time of his life, give him a cardboard box. He will forget about the world and start playing with the brown paper.

5. Boxes are a great place to sleep

If you are thinking about buying a fancy bed for your cat, cancel the plan. The boxes are the world’s best bed for any cat. Just place a soft blanket, and it is ready for the feline to sleep.

The cats sleep in the boxes more peacefully as they know it is safe. You will find your cat sleeping in any basket or boxes curling up its body. Also, the boxes provide the feline the warmth it news.

6. The cardboard boxes have the perfect texture

Cats love scratching and chewing. You will see the sharp claw marks on your couch, curtains, and carpets. Why do they scratch? It is because the claw pads release scent after scratching. This is a way of marking their territory. The felines also chew the cardboard to get the feel of killing prey.

Why do cats like boxes that are too small?

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

So, here is the deal. Cats love boxes in all sizes. No matter if it is small, medium, or big. Yes, they do have a fascination to sit in small places, but that does not mean they avoid the big boxes.

There is a saying that goes, “If it fits, it sits.” I think this is perfect for the cats. If the cats find a small box, drawer, or even a small basket, they will sit there or even sleep in the boxes.

Is cardboard safe for cats?

We know cats are fond of boxes. But are the boxes safe for them? Experts claim that cardboard boxes are absolutely safe for the felines as long as they are on a plain surface. If you place the box in a movable or unplanned surface, the cat might get hurt.

Also, placing the box near the heater or any other source of the fire can be dangerous. Otherwise, the boxes are safe and secure of cats. The felines get peace and warm in the enclosed spaces.

How to prepare a safe box for your cat

Preparing a safe box is really important. How will you do that? Here is how:

  1. Remove every staple from the box as those pointy things can hurt your feline.
  2. Take the rubber bands or any strings out of the box. These things can tangle in the cat’s intestine, which is life-threatening.
  3. Make sure there are no tape-like items left inside the box. The cats try to chew the adhesive items, which can make them sick.
  4. Avoid the plastic or metal boxes as those can suffocate the felines.

Why do cats like boxes? I hope you have got the answer. Providing the cat with cardboard boxes can be the best decision for you as a cat parent.

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