Cleaning the mess of a cat’s vomit is every owner’s nightmare. Each experienced cat owner can recognize the sign of a feline’s upset tummy. The gagging, meows, and the heavy retch indicate that the cat will throw up. But why do cats throw up

There can be many reasons why a cat throws up. For example, the cat may have eaten something stale or unexpected. Or the feline is suffering from a disease. 

No matter what the reason is, you should always have the solution to it. In this article, you will get to know the reasons for the cat’s vomiting and the treatment of it. 

Why do cats throw up? 

I have mentioned above that many things can make the cats puke. Let’s discuss these. 

1. Hairball 

Hairball is the most common reason why a cat is vomiting. With the growing age, the body of the cat changes. The feline’s puke can be a way of telling if the changes are normal or abnormal. 

The cats often get an upset stomach over-grooming. In most cases, the felines digest the hairballs, which is the main culprit. So, if you notice your cat is throwing up hairballs, it is totally normal. These are not heavy and not difficult to pass.

But in some cases, you may have to worry a bit. Untreated hairballs can cause intestine blockage, which is very painful. So, observe the cat’s daily routine carefully. If the cat has not passed the hairball in a while, it may cause lethargy, anorexia, and constipation. Take the feline to the vet for proper treatment. 

2. Overeating 

Overeating, eating fast, or other eating habits can also be responsible for why a cat is puking. You may not know, but sometimes cats can eat too fast. In case, the stomach wall expands quickly, it sends a message to the brain to cause regurgitation. 

If this is the case, then the mess on the floor is not vomit. The regurgitation is not the same as vomiting. When a cat regurgitates, the food is still formed and sometimes smells fermented. So, why is the cat throwing up undigested food? This is your answer. 

3. Eating indigestible items 

Why do cats throw up

This is a common reason for a feline’s puking. The cats are curious by nature and will try to eat or lick anything they find. For example, digesting the grass, carpet, plastic plant, and throwing up these later is very common in felines. 

In this case, vomiting is a protective mechanism. Or you can say this is a natural way to clean the cat’s gut. But sometimes. This curiosity can lead to serious problems. If the string or toys lodge in the cat’s intestine or stomach, this will cause continuous puking. 

If you observe any symptoms, take the pet to the vet immediately. It may need surgery to remove the object from the cat’s body. 

4. Infection 

Common viruses and bacteria can sometimes cause puking. For example, if the cat has got giardia or salmonella, it will throw up continuously. 

5. Food allergy 

Why do cats throw up? Maybe a food allergy is a reason. Some cats have sensitive stomachs, and they can not digest many food items. If you forcefully feed those items, the cat will throw up eventually. 

How will you know which items upset your cat’s tummy? Simple, close the cat’s behavior before and after its meal. Notice if the cat has diarrhea, itchy skin, or blood patches. Discuss with your vet about the food habit of your feline, and take his advice. 

Some cats require therapeutic food items to resolve digestive problems. Other cats may need tests to examine the issue. Many cat owners try to determine the cat’s food allergy at home. I recommend not doing it. Changing food habits can upset the feline’s tummy and may harm their health. 

6. Poison 

I have mentioned above that puking is a natural way of cleaning the cat’s stomach. If the cat eats anything poisonous, or toxic, the cat will throw up. And this will make the cat a lot better. Puking can be the side effect of some medicines too. 

7. Disease and parasites 

Vomiting or throwing up is a sign of several diseases. For example, the FIV, kidney failure, liver failure, gastric, diabetics. Irritable bowel disease, cancer, adrenal gland disease, etc. However, vomiting can also indicate that the cat has worms in its intestine. Have you observed a cat throwing up white foam? Well, maybe this is the reason. 

In most cases, the parasites come out with the cat’s puke. And cats suffering from worms vomit more often and extensively. 

Why is The Cat Throwing Up Food But Acting Normal? 

Whenever a cat throws up, we consider that the pet is sick or having an upset tummy. If this is the case, puking is normal and actually good. The cat will act normally after vomiting without exhibiting any weird sign. This indicates that your cat is okay and no need to take it to the vet. 

Why is the cat throwing up bile?

Bile is a fluid and it is produced in the liver. It is stored in the cat’s gallbladder. If your cat is throwing up yellow bile, it means the pet’s stomach is empty. An empty stomach can often cause vomiting. Sometimes puking bile indicates that the cat has a severe liver problem. 

Cat vomiting treatment

What will you do if your cat is puking continuously? Well, taking it to the vet can be a smart decision. But if the condition is not serious, you can provide some treatment by yourself. Here are some tips: 

  1. Fluid therapy is really popular even among cats. This does not mean that the cat is dehydrated. But administering fluid under the cat’s skin will clear its stomach. 
  2. Some vets suggest giving anti-vomiting pills to the cats. It stops the fluid loss. 
  3. If the cat has a food allergy, change the cat’s diet. Consult the vet about the food habit of the cat. 

Why do cats throw up? The reason can be anything but determine it first. Then take necessary steps to recover the cat from sickness.

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