I have been raising multiple cats for years. To be honest, I have noticed pretty odd things about cats which will make you puzzled and love those fur balls more at the same time. For example, when a feline licks another one, the scene is so adorable I can not put in words. 

If you raise multiple cats in the same house, you must have witnessed this scene. This can raise hundreds of questions in your mind. For example, why do cats lick each other? Or why do the felines lick humans? 

Well, if you have the slightest curiosity, this article is for you. So, do not forget to read to the end of it. 

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other? 

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

Cats do not mind if another feline licks its head or ears. Rather, they find it a way of creating a new bond. Well, there can be many reasons why a cat is licking another cat. Some of the top reasons are discussed below:

1. Creating a new bond 

As I have just said above, licking can be a way of making new friends. This is a physical display for the felines that they trust each other. This reflects their confidence and trust. 

You can also call this an affection among the kitties. Generally, this happens when cats live together for a long time. They grow a love for each other and consider them as a family. Even the hairless cats get licked by the fellow felines. 

If you notice your cats are licking each other, just be happy. This means the felines are happy and relaxed together. Why do cats lick each other’s ears? Well, ears are the place where the cats lick the most. Ears and the face are the favorite places for the felines to show love.

2. Grooming each other 

Cats are famous self-groomers. They try to maintain hygiene all by themselves, but the felines can’t clean each part of their bodies. Also, it will take a long time for them to clean every fur on the body. So, a little help from another fellow cat will not harm. 

This is maybe the most common reason why cats lick each other. Sure, having another one’s tongue going all over the fur, heads, and ears, may sound uncomfortable to us. But it is pretty normal to the felines and they enjoy this. 

You will be surprised to know that a cat can lick another one for grooming, even if they are not close. The felines do not need to ask another one for the allogrooming. This is a natural thing for them.

3. It’s family

The cats have a habit of licking another feline if they are from the same family. Kittens from the same litter do this very often. This is their way to strengthen their family bonding. 

If two cats live together for a long time, they will consider each other as family. The felines do not need blood connections to be relatives. Also, licking each other imports a unique aroma. The felines recognize each other by smelling the scent. 

The scent also helps them to distinguish outsiders. Why do cats lick each others heads? They do it out of affection and love. If your cats do it, this means they consider each other as a family.

4. Mother-kitten bond 

Have you ever seen a female cat giving birth to its litters? Right after the kittens are born, the mother starts licking them. The mother cat will lick the whole body of the kittens. 

First, the mother removes all the sticky stuff from the kittens’ bodies. Then she licks to warm the babies. You will often find the mother licking the kittens. 

When a mother cat licks her kitten, the baby understands who its family is. The special aroma on the kitten is an indication that the baby belongs to the mother. The licking is also a gesture of protection here. 

It is heartbreaking to say but sometimes mother cats refuse to lick her kittens. Also, if a kitten gets licked by another cat, the special aroma will change. The mother cat will reject the kitten if she can not recognize the scent.

5. Health problem 

There is another point that comes to mind when someone asks, “Why do cats lick each other?” There is a chance that your feline is sick.

Sometimes, one cat licks another feline just because it has noticed something unusual or a health problem. In this case, the feline will only lick a specific area that is hurt or injured. 

Now the word or the injury can be due to an accident or the cat is suffering from severe health conditions like heart disease or kidney failure. The felines comfort the sick or injured kitty by licking them. This is their way of comforting one another.

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

6. Welcoming the newcomers 

When you bring a new cat to your house, the other felines do not accept the new one very easily. They can behave aggressively. But after introducing the cats properly, they can be friends. 

When an existing cat licks a newcomer, this is a sign of friendship and protection. The existing cat ensures the new one that if there is any problem, it will handle that. So, this type of licking is more of a positive gesture.

Why does a cat licks another cat then attack? 

Well, you may notice strange licking behavior in cats. For example, a cat lick another cat then attacks. Why do the cats do this? The answer is still unknown. 

Some experts believe the answer is in the fighting. Some relate this to the cat bite. Sometimes, the old or adult cats try to dominate the kittens and the young ones with this behavior. Again, they can do this if they are playing. 

The cats can get really excited while playing with other felines. The games can take an ugly turn. If it does, solve the dispute immediately. 

Why do cats lick each other? This can be out of love, affection, or they are grooming each other. By observing them bonding, you will be able to tell the exact reason after some time. 


The Answer to Why Do Cat Lick Us?

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