No matter how comfortable the bed is, your pet feline will still sleep next to you, from time to time. Sometimes, it will sleep on top of you and you can do absolutely nothing about it. You might hate or love it, when the cat snuggles with you, but admit, this is adorable. 

Why do cats sleep on you? Have you ever wondered? Well, there can be many probable reasons behind this. For example, your kitty is seeking warmth or just looking for security and safety. 

In this article, I will discuss why a cat sleeps on the owners in detail. Read this article to the end to get more behavioral facts about your feline.

Why Do Cats Sleep on You? 

Why do cats sleep on you

Have you ever noticed that your cat is ignoring you all day and comes to you at a sleeping time? Yes, this can surely happen. The main reason is your pet feline loves to sleep on you. Here are some more reasons:

1. The cat is making its territory

You will greatly observe territorial behavior in cats. Whenever the feline loves something, it leaves a scent on that behind. The smell reminds the feline that the thing belongs to him. 

Generally, the paws and teeth of the feline have special glands that can release pheromone. When you own a cat and spend time with it, the pet will be in love with you. It will feel comfortable around you. 

If your cat is sleeping on you, this might indicate that your pet is very fond of you. And the feline may think of you as its territory.

2. The feline wants the warmth

Every cat loves warmth, especially in the cold season. Wherever the feline finds heat, it will go there like a magnet. Experts believe that the cats have special temperature receptors, especially in the face. So, they love to soak in the heat.

If you wake up one night and find the feline sleeping on you, do not scare it away. Rather, give it a warm hug and stroke it.

3. The cat needs security 

There is another answer that pops up in your head when someone asks, “Why do cats sleep on you?” You know cats are natural hunters. In the wild and in ancient times, they used to rest in the grass between hunting. 

Even though most cats have been domesticated, they still have wild instincts with them. They look for protection and security while sleeping. Because this is the most vulnerable time for them. 

Especially when a cat moves to a new environment, it stays in constant fear. As you are the feline’s only friend, it relies upon you. So, when you sleep, the cat comes up to you and sleeps on you. 

If your cat sleeps on you, be happy. It is because the kitty considers you as the safest place. It has the confidence that you will protect from any predators or attacks.

4. The kitty is trying to bond

There can be many reasons why your pet is sleeping on your chest. But the most common answer is the feline is trying to make a bond with you. 

When the cat sleeps on your chest, it resembles a pillow. If you sleep holding them close, the kitties enjoy the warmth and attention. Also, this can be a way of the cat expressing love for you. 

Even though the cats are moody, they are fond of the owners. They try to communicate and express their gratitude through purring, meowing. Sleeping on the owner is another way to say thanks.

5. The cat loves you

If you stay outside the house working most of the time, the feline will miss you. Maybe night is the only time when the pet gets you close. So, the kitty will not miss the chance of sleeping hugging you. 

It will come to you when it is bedtime and make room for itself. This way the cat shows its trust towards you. Also, this action reflects that your pet cat loves and adores you a lot.

Why do cats sleep on you

6. It is all about hormones 

Experts believe that cats and dogs go through a hormonal thing when they are in contact with the owners. This oxytocin hormone makes the feline feel good. This theory is not proven yet, but many people support it.

Why does my cat sleep on my chest?

The cats can be very much attracted to the owner’s scent and heartbeat. You will often find your cat sleeping on your chest peacefully hearing the soothing sound of your breathing. 

You may find it odd but sleeping on our chests can be beneficial for the cats. Experts claim that our slow respiration can help the kitty sleep for more hours. Our breathing pattern is very soothing to them. 

Why does my cat sleep on my head? 

You will often find your cat sleeping on or at the side of your head. Isn’t it adorable? Do you know why a cat does this? 

Well, there can be 3 possible reasons. First, the cat is getting cold. You may or may not know it, but most of your body heat goes to the environment through your head. So, the cat takes advantage and absorbs the heat by sleeping there. 

Second, the feline may like the scent of your hair. You know cats are a big fan of good smells, right? They feel comfortable and happy when they are around a nice smell. 

Third, you may be a restless sleeper. Some cats have the habit of sleeping on their owner. If you move your hands and legs too much, this will bother the feline. And so, sleeping on the head is a much better option for the pet. 

Why do cats sleep next to you? The cats sleep next to you for the same reason I have just discussed. 

Why do cats sleep on you? Well, love, affection, safety, and there are a lot more reasons behind the feline’s behavior. I hope this article has helped you know your cat more closely.


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