I bet you have noticed your cat wagging your tails many times. This can make you wonder, Why do cats wag their tails? There can be many probable reasons behind a feline’s wagging tail. For example, the cat is very happy, or scared of something, or feeling irritated due to anything. 

Understanding a cat’s behavior can be a bit complex and challenging. But if you can decipher the wagging tail language, everything will be crystal clear to you. You can guess the kitty’s mood from the pattern of its tail wagging. 

If you are interested to learn more about a cat’s tail wagging, give this article a read. I promise you will feel closer to your kitty, after learning the facts.

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? 

Why do cats wag their tailsI have mentioned earlier that a cat expresses its feeling by wagging the tail. You can understand a cat tail language by observing the tail position. In this section, I will discuss what a cat is trying to say by wagging the tail. 

1. The feline is happy and confident

Have you ever noticed your feline walking around holding its tail high and wagging the top a little? This indicates that the cat is outgoing, happy, and confident. If you ever see a cat roaming around like this, play with it a little. 

The straight wagging tail is also an invitation for other cats to come and play. Some experts consider this as the broad smile and handshake of cats. 

2. The kitty is aggressive 

If your cat is wagging the tail in a low position, it means the pet is in an aggressive mood. A feline will wag its tail in this position when it does not know you, especially the outdoor or feral cats. If you notice a cat in this position, do not mess with it. The low wagging tail is also an indication for other cats to watch their steps. 

3. The cat is scared 

Wagging tail in a low position can also indicate that the feline is scared of something. But in this case, the tail will be tucked between two legs. 

Actually, the tail tucked between the legs is a sign that the feline is extremely scared. The body of the cat will be crouched low and the eyes will be pinned back. When your kitty is in this position, it will not fight back. The feline will be too scared to move from one place to another. 

If you find your kitty in this position, leave him alone, or assure it that the surrounding is safe. Sometimes a scared cat can fight back. If you notice the tail of the feline is straight up in the air and the eyes are pinned back, the kitty will not think twice before attacking anyone. 

4. The feline is sad or annoyed 

Have you ever seen a cat low flicking its tail, back and forth quickly? Why do cats flick their tails

This is because the kitty is sad and feeling low. The low flicking also indicates that the cat wants to be left alone. Do not try to cheer the kitty up if you observe it swishing its tail. In most cases, the cat flicks their tails when they are in an unhappy condition. For example, going to a vet or taking medicine. 

5. The cat is feeling safe and secure

If you ever noticed your cat wagging the tail while purring, this means the pet is feeling secure. The feline can express the same feeling by moving its tail a little bit. 

If any cat is showing this sign, feel free to pet or stroke them. Why do cats wag their tails while lying down? Well, they will do it if they feel safe. 

Why do cats wag their tails

6. The kitty is excited 

Why do cats wag their tails when they are happy? If the feline gets very excited, it wags the tail in a shaky motion. You will notice the tail is high up in the air and the tip of the tail is doing a little quivering. Have you ever seen a rattlesnake shaking its tail? This is similar to the cat’s quivering movement. 

A cat usually wags its tail in a quivering movement when it becomes very happy to see you or roams in its territory. This is an indication that the kitty is ready to play with you. The pet may purr at you, rub or lick your face. 

7. It is time for hunting 

A cat also wags its tail when it goes hunting. You will notice the cat walking around in a slow and silent mode, and moving the tailback and forth. All of a sudden, the feline will jump on prey. The same type of tail wagging can be seen when the cat watches birds or other small animals, plays with balls, and digests catnip. 

People often ask me,”Why do cats wag their tails when playing?” This is the reason why. 

8. You can stop petting 

Usually, a cat owner loves to stroke the pet when it is sleeping. Most of the time, cats enjoy this. But if you notice the cat has a twitchy tail, this means the pet appreciates your love, but the petting is not necessary now. 

9. The kitty is confused 

Do you know a cat wags its tail when it is feeling confused? They do quick swish with their tails if they do not understand anything. This type of movement can be seen when a cat is playing with other felines or a new toy. Dilated eyes and pointy ears with the swishing tail indicates the cat is confused. 

10. The feline is showing you love

The cats love to show affection to the owners. If the feline wraps its tail around your hand, arm, or leg, this means the pet is giving you love. Though this scene is rare, some cats still do this. 

If someone asks you, “Why do cats wag their tails?” Do not forget to mention all these points. I hope now you can understand the cat’s tail language more efficiently.


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