Do cats need ear cleaning? Or if they do, how to clean cats ears? If you are wondering the same things, then this article is for you. 

Basically, most cats are excellent groomers. They can keep their ears clean all by themselves. But for some cats, they need your help. Ignoring the cleaning can lead to infection or ear mites. 

In this article, you will know the importance of cat’s ears cleaning and how to clean their ears. Also, I will discuss the possible treatments of cats’ ear mites. If you are facing any similar situation, then give this article a quick read. 

Is It Important To Clear Cats’ Ears? 

how to clean cats ears

I have mentioned above that most cats can take care of themselves when it comes to ear cleaning. But also some breeds need your help. What will happen if you ignore cleaning their dirty ears? 

The wax, dirt, and other debris will cause infection to the feline’s ears. In most cases, dirty ears lead to cats’ ear mites. And trust me, the condition can be severe. 

Experts claim that ear infections can be the secondary signs of any other medical conditions. However, have you heard about the golden rule of petting cats? You need to ensure its safety first. So, no matter if your pet feline can groom its own ear or not, do a monthly cleaning and vet checkup.

How to clean cats ears 

Cleaning a cat’s ears is not a difficult task. But of course, you have to be careful. Here is a step by step guide that will help you clean your cat’s ears. 

1. You will not know for sure if your cat is a natural groomer or not. That is why first inspect your cat’s ears to see if it needs cleaning or not. 

From normal sight, you will be able to see only the outer portion of the cat’s ears. The ear canal or eardrums turn in horizontally, where the ears meet the cat’s head. And so, you will not be able to see what’s inside. 

To get a closer look, turn the ear flap gently inside out. You will be able to see the interior of the cat’s ears. Now take a look at the ear canals. Use a torch to see everything clearly. 

Now you can see if the ears are clean or not. The clean ears are pale pink and will have a little earwax or debris on them. If your cat’s ears are clean, it is a good sign, and you do not need to do anything. 

If the ears have wax, dirt, or debris, then it definitely needs a cleaning. It is easy and safe to clean cat ear wax. But if you notice redness, ear mites, or discharge in the feline’s ears, take it to the vet. 

An ear infection can be painful. So, leaving the condition on experts is the best you can do. However, here are some symptoms that indicate your cat needs professional help right away: 

  • Swelling in the ear
  • Bad odor coming from the ears
  • Red or yellow push discharging 
  • Ear infection
  • Mites coming out from ears 
  • Head tilt
  • Balance issue 

Do not check the ears of your cat when it is awake or playing. Rather wait for the feline to sleep so that you do not have to struggle much. 

how to clean cats ears


After inspecting the cat’s ears, gather the supplier you will need for the cleaning. Here is a list: 

Cat ear cleaning solution: This is the most important part of the cat’s ears cleaning. Using the wrong cleaner can lead to deafness. So, ask your vet which solution you should use. 

You can make a solution by yourself too. Mix white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, maintaining the correct proportion. However, if the cat has any scratch in the ear, the solution will sting. 

Never use water as an ear cleaning solution. It is because water can sit and make the yeast grow more. If you want, you can use a cotton swab moistened with olive oil as an alternative. 

Gauze: You will need gauze to clean and dry the area inside the cat’s ears. Do not use cotton swabs. This can harm the cat’s eardrums. 

Treats: If your cat starts struggling, offer it treats as a reward. This will keep the pet calm and make your work easy. 


Once you have gathered all the supplies, you can move to the next step. Some cats do not like ear cleaning and can struggle a lot. So, relax your cat first. Keep the feline in a quiet room and do not disturb it for a while. 


Now, when the cat is relaxed, place a few drops of the cleaner into the cat’s ears. For the proper dosage, follow the label instructions. Do one ear at a time, and afterward, massage the cat’s ears for 20 to 40 seconds. 

Rub the ears gently. Do not put much pressure. After the massage, let the cat relax for a while and leave it alone. 


We are at the last step of this tutorial on how to clean cats ears. Take the gauze and remove the dirt and waxes. Do not push the gauze inside the canal. I do not recommend using Q tips. Also, do not go too deep into the cat’s ears. It can damage the ear tissues. 

You are done with cleaning your cat’s ears. Now treat the cat with anything and calm it down. 

Cat ear mites

how to clean cats ears

Ear mites are basically a type of parasite. These parasites can cause ear infection to the cat. If you do not clean the mites, it may transmit to the other pets. 

So, focus on cleaning your cat’s ear at least once in a month. Also, take the pet to a vet for regular checkups. 

If your cat’s ears are not clean, it can develop an infection. Ear infections cause much pain to the little felines. So, try to keep the cat’s ears as clean as possible. I hope with this tutorial on how to clean cats ears, your task will be a lot easier.


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