We have all seen videos of cats leaping in the air and jumping out of fear at the sight of a cucumber. These cats vs cucumbers youtube videos have gone viral and they are amusing to us. This is because we know our fur babies to act calm and composed and this behavior is out of character for them. What usually happens in these videos is that the cat owner will place a cucumber behind the cat while it is enjoying its meal. When they turn around and see the fruit that wasn’t there before, they are surprised and often respond by leaping back and jumping a few feet in the air. This gives rise to two very important questions. why are cats scared of cucumbers and is it even safe for our cats when we place a cucumber behind them. Is it possible that what seems fun and games to us may have a negative psychological impact on our beloved pets? We will find the answers here. We will look at the reasons why cats are so scared of cucumbers. We will discuss whether placing these cucumbers behind their backs will have any long-term negative effect on them.

To understand, why cats are afraid of pickles, we need to understand how their mind works first. Cats are predators by nature but they are mesopredators. This means that they are not at the top of the food chain. So, cats are always aware of their surroundings because in the jungle, being unaware may lead to being attacked by a larger predator and death. That biological impulse has remained with them. For this reason, they are naturally curious about new things and they always investigate when something new is being introduced to them. Keep in mind that when a cat begins to eat, it has already made sure that it is in a safe environment. And then someone places a cucumber somewhere where it wasn’t supposed to be, it startles them. The jumping, increase in heart rate and the frightened response is how cats react to surprise. When it sees the cucumber that came out of nowhere, the cat’s heart rate increases and its fear response is heightened. We aren’t much different from cats in this matter. Imagine that you were watching a movie or eating and peace and then somebody screams at you behind your back. If you are like me, that will probably scare the life out of you. This works the same way for cats. So, cats aren’t necessarily scared of the cucumber but they are scared of the surprise that it brings when it is placed suddenly. This is the first reason why are cats scared of cucumbers.

Experts have agreed that the cats aren’t scared of the cucumber itself. They are scared of what the cucumber means. The first popular theory has been discussed which says that they are not aware of the cucumber but they are rather scared because they are startled. Even more popular and more accepted than the previous theory is that cats are petrified of cucumbers because they look similar to the shape of a snake. This fruit looks like a snake to a cat and that is why it provokes such a bizarre reaction. It looks just enough like a snake to make sure that the natural instinct of fear of snake kicks in in the poor cat. So, you will be happy to know that your cat isn’t dumb at all. It is trying to make sure that it survives. If it sees something slithering in the ground, it will likely jump up in the air to protect itself and run to get away from harm’s distance. Even eggplants or corn will provoke a similar reaction in cats, but because a cucumber looks a lot like a snake (to a cat at least), the response is so extreme.

If you have seen these cat scare videos online, you have likely noticed that cats are scared of bananas too and they tend to avoid it. You may ask why are cats scared of bananas. The reason for that is the smell of the chemicals coming from the outer skin of the banana may be toxic to them. This is why they are scared of bananas. Now you know why are cats scared of cucumbers and bananas.

Is It Okay to Scare Your Cat?

Why Is it That Cats Are Scared of Cucumbers

Now that you know exactly why are cats scared of cucumbers, let’s talk about the long-term effects it will have on your cat. Let’s start off by saying that you shouldn’t do it to your cats. It is fun and games to us but this is a horrible experience for the cat and it may lead to long-term negative impact. First of all, there is a chance of injury to your cat when you do this thing. They will be startled when they see the cucumber and they may end up injuring themselves or breaking something as a reaction to seeing that cucumber. It can also hurt others in the area. So, at the very least you should refrain from surprising your cat is to ensure its safety and from preventing any injury to happen. Another reason to not do this at home is that it is stressful for your cat. As discussed earlier, they are not fearful of the cucumber itself but they are fearful of the element of surprise. If they are scared over and over, it can induce anxiety and stress in them. They will feel like they don’t have a safe place. Food stations are the safest place for cats and since all the action takes place there, they will not like this place as much. These stress and anxiety will weaken their immune system and make them more susceptible to diseases. In fact, the act of scaring cats like that is downright cruel. Imagine that if somebody scared you in your home again and again, how would you feel? Well, put yourself in their shoes (or their paws) and try to see things from their side. Hopefully, this post has helped you understand why cats are absolutely terrified of cucumbers and why you should never put your cut through this awful experience.

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